Author J.Richards

Hot sexy and Dom
This book is great from beginning to end. I love all the characters and their chemistry. Dillon is a sexy and powerful Dom that will steal your heart away. This book is Amazing J. Richards is a wonderful writer and she has me hooked I can’t wait for the next one. Highly recommend this book


Author Krystal White Permanence (Alessandra Powell Book 5) stars*****Hot, Sexy and wonderful book a great end to a beautiful series!Krystal White is a brilliant Extraordinary wonderful writer I’ve never been more touch by a story l loved your work from the beginning but this story is by far my favorite. made me cry like a baby. true love is hard to find its great to read a book with each characters point of view Jameson is an amazing great guy and his love was endless. Alessandra and Kyle’s love is something truly beautiful and I wish we all could find love like that. I highly recommend this book you will laugh, cry, get turn on and you will be hooked because Krystal is that good!

Author Kelsie Belle
The Guest (Secret Affairs Book 1)
 stars***** A great ménage story Kelsie Belle is an amazing talented writer …

A great ménage story Kelsie Belle is an amazing talented writer this book has everything you need for a perfect story. When you love someone you have to be willing to give them everything they need Jared Mathews is not only sex he is smart. He knew what their relationship need and he open the door to an incredible and magical future for his family. I love this story and recommend it to all ménage lovers!

Playing for Keeps (Siren Publishing Allure)
This story is very honest and open on the changes that an abuse person goes through, I loved Cam he was so caring and understanding to her needs and he didn’t let her push him away no matter how hard she try. Kelsie Belle is a Fabulous talented writer and I can’t wait to read more of her work. Highly recommend this and all her books!!


Author Echo Shea

A Tinfoil Hat of My Own: A Tale of Friendship, Bikers, and Werewolves

stars***** I love it, Echo Shea is an amazing writer  I was smiling from beginning to end. I love it, Echo Shea is an amazing writer, she has a way of touching your heart with words. I highly recommend this story

Author Savannah Hill

Amazing fabulous Savannah Hill has made me love and find the Devil son Hot and Sexy and my hero! Wow this book has everything you need action, adventure, magic and amazing sex scenes do you need more. Savannah Hill is a very talented writer can’t wait for her next book! I highly recommend this book


Author Audra Hart

Inception: Episode One of the Demise of the Moon trilogy (The Airendell Chronicles Book 4) stars***** Amazing

Worth the wait I love it!!!! Audra Hart has an exceptional talent of making you feel what the characters are going through it makes reading her books exciting and I can’t put them down. I love how happy I feel after reading her books. I recommend all of her books. You will always go on a wonderful adventure that leaves you wanting more. I love this book and can’t wait for the next one.

Beautiful, amazing and every great word to describe a book goes to this series I love the passion and heart of the characters it just gets better and better. Love Audra Hart’s work

This series is just Amazing and I’m just hooked and can’t put it down because it’s just that good. Audra is an amazing and beautiful writer.

Lost Wanderer Awakened: Book One of the Airendell Chronicles stars***** Lost wandered awakened by AudWow a talented writer this story hits straight to the heart. It has everything you need in a great story love action and adventure
But most of all it had heart and real family problems. I am hooked and can’t wait to read more. AMAZING

Author Bryce Evans

All of Bryce Evans books are powerful, sexy and addictive and I love them all. I will always be a big fan of Bryce Evans and highly recommend all her books!

Guarded Hearts (Royal Guard Book 1)
 stars*****Hot! Hot! Hot!

Bryce Evans never fails to amaze me. Her writing only gets better each book has you hooked from the beginning and I love to go back and re read them. Its always great when an author shares her great stories and they have a powerful impact in your life. I have been a big fan of this Amazing talented author and always will be. All her books are addictive and I’m proud to be hooked on Bryce Evans! Highly recommend all her books

I love the characters and its so much fun to catch up with some of the original characters. You have an amazing way of keeping me on edge and wanting more. Great job can’t wait for the next one:)))))))

Author Nia Farrell


Nia Farrell is a wonderful writer she understands what you need to keep the readers hooked I loved this book from beginning to end! I’m a big believer in reincarnation and soul mates! I loved the chemistry between the characters and I can’t wait to read the next book. Highly recommend this book and all her books!


Author Serena Akeroyd

Caiden can claim me any day of the week. Fabulous story and I can’t wait for the next one. This story has everything, passion, love, HOT sex, incredible Characters that you will love. Serena Akeroyd leaves you wanting more, you can’t help but fall in love with her books they are all Amazing and keep you glue to the pages you just want more. Very addictive and I love it. I highly recommend this book.


Author K.L. Silver
Trussed (Book 2: The Mastered Saga): Book 2: The Mastered Saga (Volume 2)
K.L. Silver has done it again WOW!!!!
this story is absolutely AMAZING! James and Missy are made for each other. BDSM has never been so raw this story truly shows the good and the bad of the lifestyle. I felt Missy she was so honest with her feeling, so true to herself and what see wanted. James is truly on of the most caring and passionate Dom’s I ever read. And I read a lot. This story is well written and absolutely a must read. Go get it people K. L. Silver is a great author and I highly recommend this story.
Wow Amazing!!!!
K.L. Silver is a very talented writer her words keep you glued to the book. You want to know what happens, the chemistry between James and Missy is just Fated they were made for each other. James Dominance is raw and honest and a perfect view of D/s relationship. BDSM is explained perfectly with Missy’s insecurities. Once she accepts who she is, She is a new person with the power to face the world with no shame. I love this book and highly recommend it to all.
K.L. Silver is just Fabulous can’t wait to read her next book.
Author Cory D Cry

Bite & Release stars***** Amazing

This book is a wonderful adventure full of love, family conflicts,addiction and betrayal. I laugh, cried, got angry and fell in love with the powerful characters that no matter how hard it got they were always there for each other. Cory Cry is an exceptional writer I recommend this book to anyone that likes a writer that is not afraid to write about hard issues we face in life. Cory Cry is just Amazing!!!


Author Ruth Cardello

I’ve read a lot of book but never have I read a better book than this one. This by far your best work. If your looking for a book with hot and steaming sex seems this one has them they are melt your panties hot and the characters are all strong and caring. Best book ever can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. Amazing!!!

Author Willow Brooke
Best gift I was so happy to catch up with this group and I can’t wait for the next on because they are just great and irresistible
Author Celia Kyle

Awesome and always happy to read your books because I am glued to the pages the excitement of finding out what’s going to happen keeps me on. Can’t wait for the next one

Short and sweet. Celia Kyle is great at giving you straight to the point book and she always leaves you wanting more. Great book


Author Melody Anne

Broken – Forbidden Series – Book Two   

stars*****First of all the twist is amazing and I can’t believe what a small world we live in… Can’t wait for the next one…

  stars***** Amazing

Never missed a beat I couldn’t put it down. You are a great writer and I just love your characters all your stories brighten up my life because I want to believe in the love all your characters find and all I can say is keep writing because no matter how bad my situation is your book take me to a very happy  place. Thank you… I can’t wait for the next one. God bless you..

It was a great series and I’m kinda sad that this is the last one….. Going to miss all the characters
Author Stacey Kennedy
stars*****Excellent read
Excellent characters and couldn’t put into words how great this book is… I recommend it to any one that loves magic…
stars***** Excellent book

Great book couldn’t put it down it was sexy and fun to see the great interaction between the main characters…..

Stacey Kennedy has completely out done herself. this book is amazing and can’t wait to read her next book. Stacey Kennedy is a very talented author that has incredible stories each one better than the next. I recommend this book it has everything you need action, sexy alpha males and strong female leads.

 Author Elle Boon

Always a pleasure to read any of Elle Boon books they have everything you need sexy wolves brave and strong woman and great adventures but most of love. I recommend this book to all book lovers. Can’t wait for next one

Fun loving and just great to read can’t wait for the next one. Elle Boon knows how to put a smile on your face. She has great adventures in all her book.

Just like the rest of the ravens books this one has love, action and family drama. Everything always comes together and the heroes win. Elle Boon is great at creating  great twists and adventures in her stories. I recommend this book to anyone that that loves great books.
I loved it… you have given me a new respect for my Greek gods it’s always great when you right a different spin to a story. Great story and even greater characters. Thank you
Author Lori King
Lori king is an amazing and inspirational writer. I love the way her characters deal with painful situations and how great they work together to help each other. It’s more than just a love story it’s about surviving extremely hard situations and learning how to live your life and move on. I recommend this book to all its a great book.

Love this series but I love weekend surrender The love the brothers share for each other is amazing its great to see the respect and dedication they have. This book has everything you need to keep on reading the difference and acceptance of the characters is just unbelievable. I love this book and recommend it to all readers.


Author Fiona Archer

High-Stakes Loving [King’s Bluff, Wyoming 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) stars***** High- Stakes loving by Fiona Archer

The characters are great and its just a great continuation. It kept me on my toes and hooked till the end. I was lost in this wonderful world of fun and loving characters. We need people like them in real life. Great book