My Reviews Corner

Reviews Corner

Book reviews are essential for our authors. Did you know that it takes 50 reviews on Amazon to get your authors’ books on their newsletters and other promotions? Reviews are hard to come by, and it is even harder now that big companies like Amazon are removing reviews for no reason or because they’ve added another rule to the already long list of rules for reviewers. It’s wrong and unfair to the readers and authors. Here I’m going to share reviews by different reviewers. We need to support those that go out of their way to leave a review and so support our authors. So, I’ll share them here.

Done a Runner

Wow as always author Cynthia Knoble did not disappoint. The story held my attention from the start. I love the way she brought the characters together. Zoe is a kickass alpha female that knows how to defend herself. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Ethan is not only a sexy cowboy; he’s the total package smart, loyal, loving, protective and possessive.

An action-packed romantic story. Another 5-star read by author Cynthia Knoble. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next book.

The Cat's Meow

You can’t imagine how excited I was that this book was going to be re-released. I started reading author Stacey Kennedy with this book. It’s the perfect paranormal. Libby and Kale are perfect for each other. Libby’s sass and independence are great to read. Kale is a dominant alpha with a stay cool and calm deminer. He’s the strong and silent type. He is very observant, and I admire that quality. A well-written story filled with plenty of emotion. The chemistry between them is hot. I can’t wait to see what to see brings to this series.

Into the Abyss

This book is action-packed. Prepare yourself for a beautiful ride of love, passion and the need to help someone just because it’s the right thing to do. Magnus is so charming and understanding. He shows Amalia that not everyone is going to judge her and that you can find love in the most unexpected places. The bond form by Magnus & Amelia is unbreakable, built on a mutual need to protect and love each other. This book has everything you need. I know you will be reading it in one sitting.

Love Trauma

I love the way Dr.Wagner explain each point. This book is very detailed, and each chapter is clear and describe in full detail. He helps us understand divorce. It’s not a comfortable situation, but with this book, I believe the process can be more comfortable.
The perfect book for people to know that divorce is not the end and we can survive beyond it.  


This book was full of surprises. The guys Wilder and King were trying to take their time. It’s funny that they think they know what Sarah wants. Sarah is in love with Wilder and King. However, they just tried the wrong things with her. When they finally come together, the sensual explosion is one you need to read. A well-written story filled with plenty of emotion.

Lizzy's Temptation

Lizzy sneaks into an event to see actress Ivory Rodgers. She’s had a crush on her and meeting her changes her life completely. Lizzy is blindsided and betrayed by her so call a friend. Ivory Rodgers has some kinky plans that excite Lizzy. They get to know each other and face the problems that come their way. Author Izzy Szyn is very talented, and she has an incredible way of sharing scandalous topics and creating sensual masterpieces. Steamy read as always you will love author Izzy Szyns beautiful stories.

Charmed by them

Delightfully stunning story what author Serena Akeroyd had created is not only eye-opening and courageous. She is not afraid to touch subjects that are considered sinful and are judged. This story is about finding your place and acceptance. There is nothing wrong with being open sexually and knowing what you want.
This reverse harem romance is a very tantalizing story because you get to see how these five guys work and operate as a unit and they only need someone to fill the gap in their lives. They are not suitable boyfriend material individually, however together they will make Sascha a pleased lady. I was completely hooked and read this sensual story straight. Author Serena Akeroyd did leave me with a cliffhanger, and I’m not very patient lol I know she will deliver another fantastic story with book 2.

Romanceaholic The Best Experience Ever