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Bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and more!

You can choose a stunning Alicea Original or you can customize a piece of your own to fit your personal taste. Authors, bloggers, die hard readers this is the place for you!

Prices start at $20
Customized pieces start at $35
Shipping will be included on all purchases.

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Personalized for Authors/Bloggers

A Tinfoil Hat Bracelet
created for author Echo Shea

“I love that Alicea’s Creations. They are my go-to jewelry for any event. This is a must have in your jewelry box”–Echo Shea

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This bracelet, inspired by the 2015 release “A Tinfoil Hat of My Own” features two stunning spacers, a lobster claw clasp, Pandora-style beading, and the most striking and characteristic piece–the “tinfoil” hat. Price: $25


“I love Alicea Creations. It gives my work a personal flare and it gives me confidence to know I’m supporting my work even when I’m pulled away from the computer.”–Madam La Zuray

Alicea 13

These pieces feature a braded band, lobster claw, and the covers of Madam La Zuray books. Alicea Creations is the sole producer of Madam La Zuray jewelry and can commission on the spot jewelry, featuring any quote/cover/or simply inspired piece.



Alicea 20

Featuring braided bands in multiple colors, lobster claw clasp, and the cover for Healing Ties from author Jennifer L. Roche.

Alicea Creations 13


Bracelets as Personalized for You!


Alicea Creations 6

Fairy Moon Bracelet    Price: $20



Alicea Creations 5

Love In France     Price: $20




Alicea 17

Handcuffed to Crimson   Price: $20



Alicea 18

Bleeding Black Heart   Price: $20






Alicea Creations

“Love With A Bite” bracelet created for author Audra Hart   Price: $20



Alicea 12

Black/White Love   Price: $20

Alicea Creations 10

Alicea Creations 11.jpg

Alicea Creations 12