Good Morning πŸ˜ƒ

I’m so glad Xmas is over and done with. So I can focus on what’s in front of me and make Romanceaholics goals possible. I’m working on getting more authors and books shared.

I want to share my passion and love for reading with you. These authors will give you books with amazing stories, that will touch you in different ways. Books that will leave you smiling.

Great news Romanceaholic Magazine is one of the best book community magazines. We cover everything from swag designers, editors, Author PAs, bloggers, event planners, models, photographers, cover artist, Reviewers, And so much more.

Featuring reviews, interviews, and more!

Savannah Morgan and TA Moore, answer questions only Romanceaholic would bring you. Reviews by Krystal Amora’s book reviews. Serena Akeroyd, Sharon Johnson, Jen Winters, and more in this issue of Romanceaholic!

Are you interested in being featured on our next issue. Do you want an interview, Ad or do you just want to share your work 😊 yes you don’t be shy you will love the way we share your work

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