New Release by Madam La Zuray

Jade: Becoming

At the Clabeaux mansion, lust is on the menu, any way and with as many partners as you want.

A witch on the verge of the Becoming has her choice of vampire or warlock, but she can only choose one.

And yet in a house full of desire, a girl can’t help but want to have her cake and eat it, too.

Even if that means taking more than one lover.

Including one that wasn’t on the menu…

#Menage #romance #Becoming #paranormal #KU

Something’s going wrong.

I know it, but I can’t stop it.

He bit me, claimed me, I felt it. He should be my anchor. This should be slowing if not stopping, but my body is alive.

His fingers rove my body and I relish it. And I want more.

I can imagine lips on my neck, a tongue licking at my throat… I can feel the stubble of a face in need of a shave. I can imagine scrunching my hands in his blond hair as I ride my dark-haired lover.

At first I thought it was a dream. A calloused hand feeling tenderly at the tensing and quivering muscles at my stomach, those full lips at my throat.

He growls in my ear, an actual growl not something from a dream, as the scent of something other, something musky tickles at my nose.

His teeth sink into my shoulder and I scream. This is beyond. Beyond curling my toes, beyond lights and sound. I push my hand into his pants and find him with my hand. He lets out a strangled yowl as I bring him to my mouth, sucking his dick, stretching my tongue along his length, stroking him, and wanting more.

The vampire underneath me, runs his hands down my back and grips my ass, thrusting harder inside of me.

Hands tangle in my hair, moving my head in time with the thrust of my hips.


I feel the vampire coming under me. Drink down the werewolf in my mouth.

My body is no longer my own. All sensation has left me.



There’s no warning as I plunge into the nothingness.

None at all.

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