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Novel by Sharon Johnson


Tuesday after he was finished with another grueling day, he nervously went to see her. When he walked in he noticed the crowd was thin and she was cleaning tables. She hadn’t seen him yet and it gave him a moment to observe someone he’d never considered as anything other than a pest. Now watching her, she seemed more like a lovely young woman, that he for some reason had started to feel comfortable with. None of that mattered because he was there for one reason; to offer her a job and leave as quickly as possible. Finally turning in his direction, she waved and gestured for him to wait.

He took a seat at one of the smaller tables. A moment later, she came to the table ready to take his order. With her always bright smile she said,

“Long time no see stranger, what can I get for you sir?” There was playfulness to her voice that brought an unexpected smile to his face.

“Well actually, I was wondering when you get your next break?” She looked around and signaled to her manager that she was ready for her break.

“Well as you can see, we’re swamped, but for you I guess I can swing it.” Laughing she said. “So, what brings you to our humble establishment? That’s twice in one week Mr. I’m busy building an empire.”

“Well actually,” He said, I came because I have something in mind I thought you might be interested in.” He still wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea or not, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Her eyebrow cocked up.

“Oh really, have you per chance come across a company looking for a server extraordinaire with a very dusty unused college diploma?” She started to chuckle until she noticed him not laughing.

“Actually, I have a better idea in mind. How would you feel about coming to work for me? It would only be an entry level position with a base salary, but it would at least get you out of this place and it would be a chance to start your career.” He pulled the contract out of his pocket and slid it over to her. The stunned look on her face was followed by a growing smile.

“Are you kidding me, I’d love it! As much as it would pain me to leave all this, I think I could manage. When do I start? What should I wear? What would I be doing? Who would…” Matt quickly cut her off.

“First of all, I want you to go home and read the contract thoroughly before signing and if that’s what you decide. Second, if you do decide this is something you want.” He pulled a business card from his pocket and handed it to her. “Walter Styles is the man you’d be working for and he’s also be the one who’d answer all your questions. I don’t want you to think just because I’m offering you the job you have to take it.

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New Release


Crude Possession by Maci Dillon & Kathleen Kelly ~ A Crude Souls MC Standalone

Always bruised, forever broken.

Will Malakai’s crude possession be Callie’s true awakening or will she find herself lost in another world of torture?





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A life void of the physical, emotional and mental abuse she has endured most of her marriage, is all she’s dreamed of for years.

When Cindy, who now calls herself Callie, sets foot in Coomera, her life finally begins.

Malakai, son of the President of Crude Souls MC instantly feels responsible and protective of Callie, sensing she’s hiding who she really is. But what, or who is she hiding from?

When Callie’s past returns to haunt her, Malakai takes it into his own hands and engages the Crude Souls to provide protection. By default, she becomes club property.

At the risk of losing her freedom, Callie can’t bring herself to walk away from Malakai, knowing he’s sacrificed his life of freedom to keep her safe. To keep her alive.

Will Malakai’s crude possession be Callie’s true awakening or will she find herself lost in another world of torture?

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★NO HEA OR HFN . . . Happily never after maybe

★ 🕷★•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.•´ (¸.•` 🕷*¨* 🕷*¨`* 🕷WARNING: This book is extremely dark and may trigger some— or a lot—of people. Please take this warning under advisement before deciding to read this novel.

I’m Sawree Reese and one day I happened to find the mutilated bodies of nine people—crazy right? Shit like that changes you into something you never imagined and we all cope in different ways—mine is art


Gruesome art

When that doesn’t work I turn to the most evil and sadistic man I’ve ever known—Master Sterling

He has ways of helping me exorcise the demons that are totally heinous, but they work . . . until they don’t

🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★★ 🕷★

I’m STERLING—I’m the closest thing to a demon you’ll ever find in a man

I have a vested interest in Sawree Reese that goes well beyond the atrocities I relish in my dungeon.

Some fear me . . . others respect me . . . and those who choose to deny my existence will ultimately pay the price

Sometimes you know the game . . . Sometimes you know the players . . . Then there are times when everything you thought you knew is thrown out the window

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❥❥❥COMING HOME By Geri Glenn❥❥❥

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“Babe,” he says, taking a step towards me. “You look ready to fuckin’ bolt. You don’t have to feel that way.” Grabbing my hips, he tugs me forward, pressing our bodies flush together, and wraps me up in a hug. “I didn’t ask you here to get laid. I asked you here to spend time with you, to sleep in the same bed beside you, and to wake up to those sexy blue eyes.” I bite my lip and look up at him, my heart hammering in my chest. “Okay?”

I nod my head, instantly feeling like an idiot. I’m acting like a scared little virgin. Well, I am a virgin, but that’s beside the point. Clay has never asked for more than I was willing to give. He’d never have to. I want him to have it all, so what am I freaking out for?


5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional read!

ByNikki H

Wow, this book really surprised me with how emotional it was and how emotional it made me. A beautiful short story about love, family, and forgiveness








New Release by Madam La Zuray

Jade: Becoming

At the Clabeaux mansion, lust is on the menu, any way and with as many partners as you want.

A witch on the verge of the Becoming has her choice of vampire or warlock, but she can only choose one.

And yet in a house full of desire, a girl can’t help but want to have her cake and eat it, too.

Even if that means taking more than one lover.

Including one that wasn’t on the menu…

#Menage #romance #Becoming #paranormal #KU

Something’s going wrong.

I know it, but I can’t stop it.

He bit me, claimed me, I felt it. He should be my anchor. This should be slowing if not stopping, but my body is alive.

His fingers rove my body and I relish it. And I want more.

I can imagine lips on my neck, a tongue licking at my throat… I can feel the stubble of a face in need of a shave. I can imagine scrunching my hands in his blond hair as I ride my dark-haired lover.

At first I thought it was a dream. A calloused hand feeling tenderly at the tensing and quivering muscles at my stomach, those full lips at my throat.

He growls in my ear, an actual growl not something from a dream, as the scent of something other, something musky tickles at my nose.

His teeth sink into my shoulder and I scream. This is beyond. Beyond curling my toes, beyond lights and sound. I push my hand into his pants and find him with my hand. He lets out a strangled yowl as I bring him to my mouth, sucking his dick, stretching my tongue along his length, stroking him, and wanting more.

The vampire underneath me, runs his hands down my back and grips my ass, thrusting harder inside of me.

Hands tangle in my hair, moving my head in time with the thrust of my hips.


I feel the vampire coming under me. Drink down the werewolf in my mouth.

My body is no longer my own. All sensation has left me.



There’s no warning as I plunge into the nothingness.

None at all.

Women of Power are awesome

The strong women in the Women of Power series let nothing stand in their way.

This is the four-book boxed set for the New York Times bestselling Women of Power series.






Chosen for Power

Elle has always depended on family to make her business run strong. She has led her family business to enormous success, but this has left her without much of a private life. Just as Elle thinks she has met the potential man of her dreams, she also discovers an imposter is out to destroy her entire life. Can she trust “Prince Charming” to help her defend everything she holds dear, or will she only leave herself vulnerable at the worst possible time?

Drake Charles’s work in the fast-growing mobile technology field made him a wealthy, powerful man. But he quickly sheds the fame and publicity for a more private life, which earns him the label as a man of mystery. Drake adds to that mystery every year when he hosts a masquerade ball for charity. It’s also his best chance to find the one thing he really wants . . . true love.

Built for Power

Bree has learned to tolerate a lot as one of the few women in an executive position in the construction industry. But when the normal bullying tactics turn aggressive and threaten her project in Atlanta, Bree decides to go on the offensive. Convinced an architect is out to destroy her project, Bree decides it’s time to give Logan Ward a piece of her mind.

Despite being thousands of miles away in London, successful architect Logan Ward finds himself on the receiving end of “B. Simpson’s” angry messages from across the pond. Deciding to handle B. Simpson’s demands himself, Logan heads to Atlanta only to discover things are not what they seem, starting with the sexy woman he rescues after an accident on the job site.

Fashioned for Power

Allegra Simpson is the Vice President of Simpson Fashion and she’s always handled life like her mother taught her—with manners and a smile. But Allegra learns being nice can get you in trouble as someone haunts her from the shadows and turns her life to one of secrets. She fears she’ll never be able to have a relationship with Finn, because it would put everyone she loves in danger.

Finn Williams had a promising professional baseball career until an injury disrupted everything. But Finn wouldn’t let that stop him. He went to law school and started his own sports agency. The only thing missing was Allegra’s love. The chemistry between the two had been undeniable. But Finn knew there was something that Allegra is holding back from him. He just has to get her to trust him enough to tell him.

The man in the shadows is watching. He’s always watching. He knows Allegra’s every move. He’s been in her house, laid in her bed, and has plans to make her love him. She rejected him, but they are destined for each other. Soon she’ll come to see they are meant to be. Because if he can’t have her, then no one can.

Destined for Power

When Mallory Westin’s family’s quest for more power caused her a broken heart, she turned her back on the only life she ever knew. Now a successful owner of a security firm, she’s determined to forge her own path. But sometimes one’s past isn’t so easy to leave behind. Mallory has to take control as an assassination plot snares her father and the man she loves.

Reid Simpson had loved Mallory since they were teenagers. Then one night changed everything as she suddenly broke his heart. For years, he escaped the pain as he built a resort and casino empire. He pushed her from his mind, if not his heart. As Reid encounters increasing danger, he finds that Mallory is the one by his side trying to protect him.

Jade: Becoming – #Preorder now!

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A house of lust…

The parties at the Clabeaux Mansion are notorious. Blood, sex, power—you can find it all here when the magic tides are rising and the moon is full.

A cost…

But, of course, nothing is free. Vampires, wizards, werewolves—they all must pay a toll. In blood and power…and maybe even their lives.


A witch of the Clabeaux Mansion, Jade is in the stages of Becoming. If she wants to survive, she’ll have to find her mate before the clock strikes three.

Something’s gone wrong…

This isn’t the normal Becoming. Instead of being mated to one man, she’s found a mate in two. And one particular werewolf wasn’t supposed to be on the menu…

Things are about to get complicated.

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The Sinclairs #6

by Bestselling Author J. S. Scott


~Are some secrets too heavy for the heart to bear? ~

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Only A Millionaire, The Sinclairs #7. 

Coming Out April 24th 2018.


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Author Cory D Cyr

💥💥Wicked Steps💥💥
Not your typical “Step” book, It’s so much more!! ~Amazon Reviewer
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Author Ethan Radcliff 

The Collaring of Molly Jenkins #EthanRadcliff

This is book two of Molly Jenkins. 
Russell Bennett believes every woman will submit to one man. 
That was until he met Molly Jenkins a sophisticated Mistress and trained Domme.

Love they say conquers all, even a strong dominate like Molly, or had it?

Would Molly ever wear his collar? Russell’s theory was crumbling around him. Would he lose the love of a lifetime because of his need to be her Master?
***Mature Content 18 and over please***
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Author Elias Raven 

#EliasRaven Award Winning Author and Poet, Musician, Composer, and Visual Artist

Available on Kindle Unlimited
The Painted Shadows: Poetry Collection
Cain – Sins of the Father 

Cain – Rage of Angels 

Shadow & Flame – S1, E4 (Collective Novel)

Shadow & Flame – S1, E9 (Collective Novel)

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Whether prince or pauper, beauty or beast, cupid entangles unsuspecting hearts. From the exchange of a glance to the throes of romance, follow these couples as they discover that love has no limits. Indulge your taste for adventure with ten diverse tales from familiar and exotic parts of the globe. Shades of Love is brought to you by a select group of award-winning and best-selling writers, whose stories feature couples who close the cultural divide through their love.

Coming Soon 

What happens when a group of fabulously talented authors pool their stories together? You get an anthology of outstanding stories, that’s what! Seven romantic Christmas stories, some spicy, some sweet, to warm the cold winter nights. Keep your eyes open for release day, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing anthology!