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Andrea Bellmont’s true love is romance, erotic romance. Being in a relationship that she calls complicated and is food for those who read her work.Her work can be construed as RAW. She’s diversified, loves the paranormal and is going to delight her readers with some amazing, fascinating stories.

Never underestimate the power of romance.

Her work is in the erotic genre, titillating and sensual. However, dipping her feet into the erotic thriller and horror genre is not beyond her talents.

Purr Babies….Andrea Bellmont

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Coming October 30th 2017 from Bitten Press LLC

Black Stiletto blurb and cover

Tall, sleek, dark and slender was the only way to describe Daisy Plume, exotic dancer.

One night, one of Daisy’s regular customers, Ernie Smith, didn’t show. In his place came detective Emanuel Ortiz because Ernie had been murdered.

When the fourth victim is found, Daisy is arrested. She’s coined the deadliest female serial killer of her time. She’s “to die for.” Better yet one reporter noted her black stiletto heels as they led her out of the Purple Heel; the club she danced at, hence, the Black Stiletto was born.

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