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Bound By Anguish
Author: Kayce Kyle

Cover Models: Gina Sevani and Blake Sevani

Photographer: Gigi Hoggard

Cover Designer: Tracie Douglas @ Dark Water Covers

US: ★ UK:

The day they met was one bound by fate and would set events into motion that would change the course of their lives forever.

He was a biker who’d spent his life growing up in a club surrounded by crime and mayhem. She was an aspiring artist from California with a flare for all things fancy and expensive. Never in either of their lifetimes did they expect their paths would cross and they’d fall hard for each other.

After spending only a few short weeks together, the world as they knew it would be turned on its axis. Utter surprise with a dose of panic caused her swift reaction—leaving him confused and broken-hearted. The lover in him wanted answers. The cold-hearted biker in him wanted to swiftly move on.

With a club torn, one phone call was all it took before he was willing to go nomad and leave his brothers for an uncertain future with a girl he’d only just met. With adrenaline surfing wildly through his veins, he can’t get to her side fast enough—only to be devastated at what he learned once there.

The club has dealt its hand to those involved, but is it too little and too late for the future of Ace and Tess?

New relationships and expanding families surround them, but will this ultimately help or hurt them and the future that was once within reach? She desperately wants what she thought she never would. He desperately wants her, and the whole truth, but will settle for less if only he can have all of her back as she was before. 

Her mission now is to hold onto him, and the depth of her secret, out of fear of losing him forever. 

Having come from two extremely opposite backgrounds, will they ultimately be able to overcome their individual anguish and unify on common ground? Even if they can, will the truth of how the chaos began come out and change his feelings for her forever?


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“Babygirl I will lie, cheat, steal, and kill if it means keeping you safe. Remember the game room? That was me playing nice. Now keep that fucking thing on and don’t undo it again unless this vehicle has reached its final destination. Got it?”

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Looking at my everything and how beautiful she looks standing there with her eyes closed and that perfect smile soothes my blackened heart. The more time and life we experience together I swear she threatens to turn me back into something that resembles human again.

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