I can’t wait

“You should be home with her. If Ben couldn’t come in, then I would have managed the club tonight.”“What? In between the dozens of subs flocking to you with their heartfelt sob stories?” Simon scoffed. “Although I see they’ve been steering clear tonight. Maybe they think you’ve got a bowel blockage as well.”

Gray growled as Simon clicked his tongue and gave him a mock-sympathetic look.

“Remind me again why we’re friends.”

“Because you stole my girlfriend and I broke your nose.”

“She wasn’t your girlfriend; she didn’t even know you were alive.”

“She would have been my girlfriend once she’d realized what a good catch I was.”

“I should have pounded on you some more. Obviously, you’re delusional.”

“You punched like a girl. You’re lucky you had me to teach you how to fight, or you’d never have survived the year.”

They grinned at each other.

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