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By authors: Elias Raven & Sharon Johnson
Letters Away- The Crossing (Amazon) (Apple IBooks) (Barnes & Noble) (KOBO)

I never asked to be sent over to Korea. Sixteen days of seasickness and trying to learn to walk on a boat

that’s moving up and down like a seesaw has been a real challenge for me. I keep looking at my wife’s

picture, at my Belle, as I watch the coastline fading into the distance. It seems like we’re in an awful big

hurry to face death. My heart aches for my loved ones. I don’t think there’s a man here that doesn’t feel the same way. Only God knows what I will be able to handle. I keep thinking about Belle and our honeymoon. I know my wife and I’m sure she’ll be a real trooper while I’m gone. I’ll probably get a gunny sack full of letters, as soon as they give me a mailing address where she can send them. I’ve made some new friends and they help keep my mind occupied, but my spirit is still troubled. Luckily, there’s a chaplain and librarian on board. One of the cooks has adopted all of us as well. I’ve never seen a Japanese or Filipino person before. I’ve read about them in books, but up close, it’s a whole different ball of wax. I’m going to have so much to share with Belle when this is all over. The chaplain suggested I keep journaling about this time in my life while I’m in the Army. “Time has a funny way of clouding the facts,” he said. My biggest fear is never going home again to be with Belle.

Jacob 1952
I keep wondering why God decided to separate Jacob and me in such a cruel and unthinkable way. I’ve
always trusted that He knows best for all of us. But I still find myself questioning. I mean, if this was

happening to someone else, wouldn’t they feel the same way too? We’re so young, with what I thought was a bright future ahead of us, until Jacob received that draft notice in the mail. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I felt like I was about to pass out when he told me the news that he’d been drafted into the Korean War. It was like my mind couldn’t comprehend what the love of my life was telling me. It reminded me of when my best friend Regina moved away. We were both ten years old. Back then, I felt like my life was over, only now I’m sure it will be if anything happens to him while he’s off fighting in Korea. My prayers are always the same every night before I fall asleep: that God will end this war soon and bring back my Jacob, my new husband, the love of my life, and my future.

Belle 1952

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