Sneak Peek !

Sorry not SorryBy Haley Monroe

Sneak PEEK!

Chapter One

Deep. He’s so deep that I’m choking on his dick from the inside. Sputtering and gasping. My thighs are bound in silky ropes, spread wide and pinned to the table beneath me. I have nowhere to go, no way to escape his thrusts. My arms are stretched out tight in front of me, tied together at the wrists by another rope that loops around under the table to keep me in place. My tits are mashed under me, still encased in the bubble gum pink bra he gave me to wear tonight. 

Jacob’s weight settles over me, his cock feels like its shoved way up into my lungs, his breath against my ear. “Who’s Daddy’s good girl?” His dark voice invades me just like his cock does, fully. It fills me everywhere. The bright red ball gag in my mouth keeps me from answering him properly but his words still have the desired effect over me. 

My pussy clamps down around his thick cock and I struggle in my bonds. I am. I’m Daddy’s good girl, my mind screams the words I can’t speak. Drool runs like a river down my chin to pool under my face. It makes my cheeks slip over the vinyl table top every time I try to turn my head. “I can’t hear you, princess.” He coaxes in my ear. “Let me hear how much you want it.” He punctuates his sentence with a punishing thrust. It jars me, the ropes on my legs biting into my skin as he forces the very small amount of slack to grow taunt. 

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