Author Carrie Ann Ryan

FOREVER INK (A Montgomery Ink Novella)

The sexiest man she’d ever seen in her life stood in the doorway.

No, stood wasn’t a good word, not with the way his presence filled the shop. Dear Lord, was she panting? His broad shoulders were encased in a suit that had to cost more than her rent, but she didn’t care about that. His thick chest tapered into a trim waist and strong thighs. Just the thought of those thighs made her clench her own. He had his hands fisted at his sides, and oh God, those hands. Large, thick, and they looked so out of place compared to his classy suit. It looked as if he actually used his hands rather than merely sitting behind a desk as his attire suggested.
She let her gaze rake over his body and settle on his face. His attention was focused in front of him so she got his profile. He’d clenched his jaw, but damn, he looked amazing. He had to be in his late thirties or early forties. He had one of the expensive haircuts that made his dark brown strands look like they were perfectly manicured. With the way his hair had gone silver on his sideburns, it made him look even more dangerous.
He might be older her than her, but her hormones didn’t care. No, they screamed ‘fuck yeah, let’s ride’. Her nipples tightened and she thanked God she’d worn a bra that morning. Talk about embarrassing if that was the first thing he’d see.

He turned toward her and she sucked in a breath. Piercing blue eyes stared back at her, studying her like they would something they didn’t quite understand.

Not something she was unfamiliar with.
She wanted this man. Now. Later. More than once.
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