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Before you see Wonder Woman this weekend, why not read my hot and steamy superheroes? Resurrection of Artemis

Here is a sexcerpt:

Calypso handed the computer to Dark Master. “It looks like a simulation game.”
“Yeah, I love playing role playing games, but I’d get bored because I really couldn’t do what I wanted with the characters. There needs to be, in my opinion, more games that women would like to play. Most of the sex simulation games are on porn sites where the women are helpless, stupid, or whatever. In my game you can either play it safe, or you can increase the heat level,” explained Amy.
“Why haven’t you marketed it yet?” Dark Master asked her, staring into her eyes. Then it clicked. Holy crap, Dark Master is Noah Adams. She’d know those steel colored eyes anywhere. If Noah was Dark Master, than his assistant Vanessa London must be Calypso.
Shaking her head to answer the question, she told him, “I’m still banned for another six months,” she reminded him. “I’ve been working on this and other stuff for when I’m finally able to apply at tech companies.”
“I like it,” Calypso sat down on the couch with the laptop. “I like that you can change things up. Tell me Amy, have you ever done this?”
Glancing on the screen, Amy saw three people in bed together, a guy was getting a blowjob from two girls. Just looking at it, produced images of the three of them together. In their bed. Sharing Noah’s cock with Vanessa.


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