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Welcome to Willow Creek …
Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Willow Creek is a picturesque and quiet town where Emily Dunne relocates after accepting an unusual job offer. It quickly becomes apparent that the town’s residents aren’t what they seem. Populated by wolf-shifters, the town is in actuality a large pack, one that practices polygamy. Her appearance does more than sexually charge all three of the Alpha’s sons. It also marks the dawn of a troubling time that will claim the lives of some, devastate others, and forever change the Willow Creek pack.

Book One
Claimed by Her Wolves
Newcomer Emily soon discovers her boss’s three sons, Scott, Ryan, and Nathan, all want her. That would intimidate any woman, but fate has more planned as the past she outran returns, promising to ruin her new existence and her relationship with the Tremblay brothers. One will suffer devastating consequences, while another commits an act that affects not only the quartet, but also all in town, as she discovers the brothers have wild sides. Dangerous ones.

This book may contain words or language that is considered profane, vulgar, or offensive by some readers. Some scenes may be considered objectionable or offensive. For example, some scenes contain graphic depictions of violence, human anatomy, or sexual acts, and as such may contain triggers for some readers.

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