Author Krystal White

Author Krystal White writes stories that touch your heart. This book is wonderful from beginning to end. you will laugh, cry and you will fall in love with all the characters. The love is real and you will not be able to put this book down. Ryker is an alpha male that loves his family and his close friends his loyalty is amazing. Angelina is a superstar her strength and humility is what you want to read about. I love her relationship with her family and her beauty comes from her open caring nature. This book is Fabulous you will be left smiling and happy and I promise you will read this book more than once. A true Gem! I looove this story!!!!



“A love that both safeguards and breaks you. That’s the kind of love lived in this heartwarming story.” R Hernandez.

Angelina Rutherford lost her father at an early age. Because of it, she had to grow up much faster than anticipated. When Angelina was a preteen, her mother decided it was time for a fresh start and moves the family from Texas to Florida. Angelina wasn’t happy about the move until she met her incredibly handsome next door neighbor Ryker Willis, lead singer of a local band called Skylight. Ryker’s everything Angelina ever wanted and so much more! Can she make him see she’s everything he needs?

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