Author Cynthia Knoble

Wow!!! this is short but fully complete of everything you need to keep you hooked. The chemistry was off the charts and this couple is so sweet and sexy. Rhys  is a true gentleman and he made my heart skip a beat or two. Amber is a great example for hard working business woman. She fought to be the best in a mans world.

Rescue Me

Reclining in a wingback chair in the smoking room of an exclusive gentlemen’s club, Rhys Davenport III celebrates his success. The youngest man ever granted admittance, he has reached the pinnacle of his career. The click of stilettoes cuts his gloating short, and he’s astounded at the appearance of a woman in the club, especially one even younger than he is. Amber Lindsay is a driven woman who has achieved remarkable success. A corporate leader, her accomplishments have guaranteed her entry into the club. No stranger to attaining her goals, she sets her sights on a new one, Rhys. Their passionate affair fizzles when a secret surfaces, one devastating enough to ruin more than their relationship, an indiscretion that could cut short her illustrious career. With his own reputation at stake, is his brief relationship with Amber worth the risk of losing everything he has accomplished?

Quickies are short stories and novellas with a scorching heat level. True to their name, they are quick reads but extremely satisfying. Indulge in a Quickie today, you won’t be disappointed.

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