Author Audra Hart

I love Author Audra Hart she is a writer that understands what a reader wants. Her characters are all powerful and full of spirit but what I really love is her females because they are badass and powerful.They are a take charge and fight for what they believe in. They never give up and they never hide even when they make mistakes. This book is fantastic from the start and full of action. Joker is a guy that feels lost without his queen but his loyalty and sense of honor made him stand up and fight with his brothers. Jennine is about to face her past and she does it with class and honesty. This book has everything you need and more! #Fan4life

Cajun Queen & Joker: Tulsa Immortals Book 1

During certain times of the year, the veil separating mankind from the Immortal realms weakens. At such times, many powerful supernatural beings are tempted to flex their dominion over mortals. Fortunately, there are those who watch over mankind. One such band of protectors is a group of Immortal enforcers known as the Twin Ravens, a rough riding brotherhood of preternatural beings who hide in plain sight as an outlaw motorcycle club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Joker, a wise-crackin’, rum swilling, man-whore, who just so happens to be a pure sex-on-two-wheels biker, is one such protector. For nearly a century, he has ridden with the MC, enforcing the few rules among their kind. He hides his pain and nearly forgotten humanity behind a mask of reckless actions, earning the nickname Joker. But there’s much more to Joker than meets the eye… Human eyes at least.
Joker is also a former slave named Zeke who is part wolf, part blood demon. Born of a slave girl and a sadistic overseer in 1763 in what is now Southern Louisiana. In 1789 on All Hallows Eve Zeke committed a rash act of violence which should have resulted in his death. But a magickal bonding of his soul to the souls of feral lone wolf and a blood demon, created a new being – A blood wolf. This unnatural existence helped him cheat the hangman’s noose but doomed him to a life filled with secrets and blood-lust.
He roamed the swamps and bayous of his homeland until he reemerged near the end of the civil war to rejoin humanity. He fell in love with a pretty little human and expected to finally have his happily ever after. But again, on All Hallows Eve, his beloved Jenniene destroyed his world when she discovered his secret and rejected him.
Every year since that heart-breaking night, he free-falls into a sea of misery and self-destruction as the veil between humankind and the Immortal realms wavers and magick goes wild. This year is no different… until the woman who destroyed his world in 1872, walks through the front door of the MC.
Now the Twin Ravens MC is scrambling to guard their secrets from the mortals of Tulsa while keeping the human realm safe, but Joker’s battles fall closer to home. How is his beloved little Cajun Queen still alive, and does she have room in her heart for the man she deemed an abomination?

This story is intended for readers 18+ only. Contains adult language and content.

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