Author Kelly D. Smith

Rock Stars Are a Trope



Gabby Denis, a struggling fashion designer, is not stupid. There is something off about Nate Cooper. She just doesn’t know what it is. Not many men are willing to take a girl out shopping and pay for her new clothes. She’s also never been out with a man who seems to have women recognize him. Or one with friends that need a formal dress made. Of course, she doesn’t turn down the chance to make it!

Gabby likes Nate for who he is, not because he lends her a car and pays for some of her things. For the first time in ages, she meets someone who supports her, and she genuinely enjoys his company. But he never tells her what he does for a living…until she sees him on the front page of the news.

Although, for Gabby, rock stars are a trope from movies and romance novels, she’s going to have to decide if she’s willing to give a real life one a shot at loving.



  • Rock stars are just something out of a romance novel, right?
  • Gabby knew Nate was hiding something- she just never expected it to be that he was a rock star
  • Mr. four-coffees-to-go leaves one hell of an impression on this waitress
  • Gabby doesn’t get why everyone seems to recognize her date, except her
  • Rock and roll finds love- four coffees at a time.


Kelly D. Smith is a 21 year old romance writer from Canada. After being homeschooled all her life she got her GED and has been pursuing her passion- writing- with the hopes of turning it into a full time career.

Smith is a personal improvement junky and loves excelling at challenges. She is a country girl at heart and loves spending the day outside with her 3 dogs and the cat!


“How’s work?” she asked, trying not to give away that she was prying. 

“It’s been slow, but that’s not always a bad thing.” He eyed her carefully. 

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened. Both Gabby and Nate stepped off the elevator and fell into pace together, but she made sure that he was leading the way because she had not fucking clue where she was going. 

It didn’t take long to get to a door that Nate unlocked and opened. He set Gabby’s suitcase down by the window. 


Gabby stared out the window, her eyes widening at the scene in front of her. The lights lit up enough for her to see almost everything, but the dark made it prettier. I can’t believe I’m in England. 

“Why did you do this?”


“Why did you do this for me?” Gabby turned to look at him, waiting for an answer.

“I didn’t do it for you.” 

Her heart dropped. Gabby stared at him, trying not to show her hurt. 

“The truth is I missed you. I wanted to see you. I wanted to make an impression and give you a reason to want to see me again.”

Gabby was left speechless for a couple of seconds. “You really think I don’t have my own reasons for wanting to see you again? I promise you. Me wanting to see you again has nothing to do with you flying me here, as much as it means to me. I want to see you again because I miss you.” 

He stared at her, slightly taken aback based on the look that crossed his face. He looked away quickly. 

“Thank you.”

He said it so softly she hardly heard it. Gabby crossed over to him and touched his back softly. He stepped toward her, still facing away from her. Gabby didn’t say anything. She just stood there, her hand against his back. She tried to figure out if she should say something or not, but she couldn’t think of anything worth saying, so she just kept her trap shut. A few seconds passed but not long until Nate turned and gave her a smile. 

“I’ve got to admit I don’t have a lot of time to hang out with you, but I figured I could at least bring you out here, and we could spend some time together, and then Paige and Kenda would love to hang out, I’m sure. If you don’t mind hanging out with them.”

“No, not at all.” It wasn’t quite a lie. She wanted to hang out with Paige and Kenda. She was just nervous to do it. From what she could tell, Paige and Kenda were best friends. Although Paige had been really nice to her when it was just the two of them, she wasn’t sure she would be with a friend around. 

Don’t worry so much. Paige doesn’t seem like that kinda girl. 

Trying to shove the thought out of her mind she padded over to the bed and sat. 

“Does that mean I won’t get to spend much time with you?”

“Sorry, but no. I’ve got a lot of work to get done.” 

Gabby bit her lower lip. She nodded, not liking his answer but understanding it. 

“I’d try to get out of it, but I know I can’t.”

“No, I don’t want you to put off work because of me. I don’t want to be that kind of girl.”

A smirk spread over his lips. “See this is one of the reasons I love you.”

His words shocked her. Gabby snapped her head up, and she stared at him with wide eyes. Had she just heard that right? 

Nate’s eyes were wide as he stared at her. “I mean…” He struggled to find words, looking scared.

“I know. I mean you don’t mean you love me.” She cut him off. Of course he didn’t love her. “That’s way too soon.”

“Yes. Yes, right. Still too early for love. I just meant—” 

“I know.”

“Yes. Good.” 

Nate ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh. He refused to meet her gaze. She wasn’t sure what to say next. Just play it cool. Pretend it didn’t even happen. She cleared her throat. 

“So, you’re not going to take me sightseeing.”

“Sorry, no. I can get the girls to, though, if you’d like.”

“I’d love that.” Maybe a little girl time would be good for her.

Author Shaelyn Jckson

What a great continuation to a great story. In this amazing book we get to see how powerful the connection between Gavin & Sam is. Gavin will do everything in his power to help her. That’s what makes him the great hero that I love to read about. Shaelyn Jackson is a fabulous author and I can’t wait for the next book.

A Stranger’s Revenge (A Stranger’s Desire Book 2)

Gavin goes to Vegas when he senses something is off with Sam. For a reason unknown to him she is the one woman he can’t get out of his head. He decides to make a quick trip just to check on Sam and to set his mind at easy.

Julius has been living with the pain of having his wife killed for his decisions. He has all but given up on ever locating the prince responsible for her death, when he catches his scent on a woman. Julius sees this as the the perfect way to extract his revenge.

Is Gavin going to make it in time to save Sam or is he going to be haunted with the same regret that has plagued Julius all these years?

Author Cynthia Knoble

Wow!!! this is short but fully complete of everything you need to keep you hooked. The chemistry was off the charts and this couple is so sweet and sexy. Rhys  is a true gentleman and he made my heart skip a beat or two. Amber is a great example for hard working business woman. She fought to be the best in a mans world.

Rescue Me

Reclining in a wingback chair in the smoking room of an exclusive gentlemen’s club, Rhys Davenport III celebrates his success. The youngest man ever granted admittance, he has reached the pinnacle of his career. The click of stilettoes cuts his gloating short, and he’s astounded at the appearance of a woman in the club, especially one even younger than he is. Amber Lindsay is a driven woman who has achieved remarkable success. A corporate leader, her accomplishments have guaranteed her entry into the club. No stranger to attaining her goals, she sets her sights on a new one, Rhys. Their passionate affair fizzles when a secret surfaces, one devastating enough to ruin more than their relationship, an indiscretion that could cut short her illustrious career. With his own reputation at stake, is his brief relationship with Amber worth the risk of losing everything he has accomplished?

Quickies are short stories and novellas with a scorching heat level. True to their name, they are quick reads but extremely satisfying. Indulge in a Quickie today, you won’t be disappointed.

Author Kathleen Brooks

What can I say about this book Kathleen Brooks gave us everything in this book here. I was laughing so hard with one special invention that had me smiling all day. The action was huge in this book. We have all our favorite characters the Rose sisters make me want to just like them. Sophie is my hero she was never one to give up and she was always ready to defend herself by outsmarting her enemies and kicking their butts. Sophie & Nash are perfect for each other.

Forever Secret: Forever Bluegrass #5

Sophie Davies has a secret . . . in fact, she has quite a few secrets.

Sophie Davies is the head of weapon development for a private firm contracted with the Department of Defense. Because of her knowledge and high security clearances, she has kept her job a secret for fear of kidnapping and sabotage. She always knew some groups would kill to learn what she knows, and now someone is trying to do just that.

Nash Dagher trained to become an elite weapon for the Rahmi Royal Family while he served at their horse farm in Keeneston. But for the past two years, Nash has been running an operation for the King—an operation once completed would result in his promotion to the head of security for the entire royal family in Rahmi. But when Nash discovers a threat against Sophie, he must decide what is more important: the job of his dreams or the life of the woman he loves. But will Sophie allow him back in her life?

Author Brenda K Davies

This story is the most touching of the series. Brenda K Davies gave us a story of healing and understanding. Mia is struggling to get her life back and her mate David helps her by loving her and allowing her to control things at her own pace. David finds happiness giving her everything she needs to be happy.

Fractured (Vampire Awakenings, Book 6)

In this gripping Vampire Awakenings Series novella, David finally meets his match.

Freed from the chains and the vampires that once held her, Mia struggles every day to come to terms with her captivity and the aftermath of what she endured.

Knowing that she can’t stand the touch of another, David will do whatever he can to help Mia while she tries to figure out who she is now, and how to handle the deepening bond between them.

However, just when Mia starts to think that she may be able to find happiness again with David, a danger she never knew existed rises up and threatens to take it all away from her once more.

Author Elle Boon

One of my favorite things about Elle Boon is her ability to combine characters and give a fantastic story. Syn is understanding, fun and loving, She’s everything Bodhi needs in a mate. Bodhi is a true dominate male that is a true gentleman that protects those he loves. He only has eyes for his mate and will love her with all his might. Action, humor and great family unity that is great to read about.

Bodhi’s Synful Mate, Iron Wolves MC Book 6

KARSYN STYLES… aka Syn is tired of waiting on the man she knows is her mate to claim her. She’s going to take matters into her own hands, even if that means teaching the stubborn wolf she’s more than just the alpha’s baby sister.

BODHI… has fought the feelings he has for the little wolf who’s supposed to be like a sister to him. Only the feelings she’s stirred in his body and heart are far from brotherly. He’s done everything in his power to keep her at a distance, even going against everything he and his wolf want, but nothing can tame either man or beast except the one female meant to be theirs.

Just when he is ready to claim his mate, Bodhi’s world is rocked as his past comes back with a vengeance. He wasn’t born a wolf, but turned when his family was slaughtered. He’d thought he was all alone in the human world, grateful for his wolven family, until one fateful encounter.

Syn sees the man she loves pulling away. Her heart can’t take another rejection, or seeing him turn to another female for the comfort only she should be giving him. She’ll do anything to show him they’re meant to be together.

Neither realize the danger lurking in the shadows as Bodhi’s past is more sinister than either realize. Can the Iron Wolves survive what’s coming next, or will what destroyed Bodhi’s past come back to do the same to their future?

Author Izzy Szyn

Author Izzy Szyn knows how to give you a story that will have you squirming and so hot that you’ll need a cold shower!!!
I love this story and only wish it was longer because I want more and I can’t get enough of her books.
Naughty fairy tales are exactly what we need to make us smile we all wonder and wanted a naughtier side to these great characters this book is fabulous!!!
Author Izzy Szyn is Amazing and I’ll always be a fan of her work!
I can’t wait for the next book in this series

Wendi and Tink (Scandalous Fairytales Book 1)

From NYT Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn:
Wendi and Tink are the first in a series of Scandalous Fairy Tales that will have you looking at the stories these are based on in a different light.
Wendi is tired of men that act like little boys. Her latest relationship with Pan ended when she found him in her bed with another woman. But when one door closes another one opens, when Wendi gets a call to come in for an interview with Tee Belle of Tinker Toyz, she thinks her dreams of creating toys will finally come true.
Tee Belle needs another assistant, and believes that Wendi will be the perfect assistant, but there is one thing that Ms. Belle requires above all else: Wendi’s Obedience.

Author Audra Hart

I love Author Audra Hart she is a writer that understands what a reader wants. Her characters are all powerful and full of spirit but what I really love is her females because they are badass and powerful.They are a take charge and fight for what they believe in. They never give up and they never hide even when they make mistakes. This book is fantastic from the start and full of action. Joker is a guy that feels lost without his queen but his loyalty and sense of honor made him stand up and fight with his brothers. Jennine is about to face her past and she does it with class and honesty. This book has everything you need and more! #Fan4life

Cajun Queen & Joker: Tulsa Immortals Book 1

During certain times of the year, the veil separating mankind from the Immortal realms weakens. At such times, many powerful supernatural beings are tempted to flex their dominion over mortals. Fortunately, there are those who watch over mankind. One such band of protectors is a group of Immortal enforcers known as the Twin Ravens, a rough riding brotherhood of preternatural beings who hide in plain sight as an outlaw motorcycle club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Joker, a wise-crackin’, rum swilling, man-whore, who just so happens to be a pure sex-on-two-wheels biker, is one such protector. For nearly a century, he has ridden with the MC, enforcing the few rules among their kind. He hides his pain and nearly forgotten humanity behind a mask of reckless actions, earning the nickname Joker. But there’s much more to Joker than meets the eye… Human eyes at least.
Joker is also a former slave named Zeke who is part wolf, part blood demon. Born of a slave girl and a sadistic overseer in 1763 in what is now Southern Louisiana. In 1789 on All Hallows Eve Zeke committed a rash act of violence which should have resulted in his death. But a magickal bonding of his soul to the souls of feral lone wolf and a blood demon, created a new being – A blood wolf. This unnatural existence helped him cheat the hangman’s noose but doomed him to a life filled with secrets and blood-lust.
He roamed the swamps and bayous of his homeland until he reemerged near the end of the civil war to rejoin humanity. He fell in love with a pretty little human and expected to finally have his happily ever after. But again, on All Hallows Eve, his beloved Jenniene destroyed his world when she discovered his secret and rejected him.
Every year since that heart-breaking night, he free-falls into a sea of misery and self-destruction as the veil between humankind and the Immortal realms wavers and magick goes wild. This year is no different… until the woman who destroyed his world in 1872, walks through the front door of the MC.
Now the Twin Ravens MC is scrambling to guard their secrets from the mortals of Tulsa while keeping the human realm safe, but Joker’s battles fall closer to home. How is his beloved little Cajun Queen still alive, and does she have room in her heart for the man she deemed an abomination?

This story is intended for readers 18+ only. Contains adult language and content.

Author Krystal White

Author Krystal White writes stories that touch your heart. This book is wonderful from beginning to end. you will laugh, cry and you will fall in love with all the characters. The love is real and you will not be able to put this book down. Ryker is an alpha male that loves his family and his close friends his loyalty is amazing. Angelina is a superstar her strength and humility is what you want to read about. I love her relationship with her family and her beauty comes from her open caring nature. This book is Fabulous you will be left smiling and happy and I promise you will read this book more than once. A true Gem! I looove this story!!!!



“A love that both safeguards and breaks you. That’s the kind of love lived in this heartwarming story.” R Hernandez.

Angelina Rutherford lost her father at an early age. Because of it, she had to grow up much faster than anticipated. When Angelina was a preteen, her mother decided it was time for a fresh start and moves the family from Texas to Florida. Angelina wasn’t happy about the move until she met her incredibly handsome next door neighbor Ryker Willis, lead singer of a local band called Skylight. Ryker’s everything Angelina ever wanted and so much more! Can she make him see she’s everything he needs?