Author Ardent Rose

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The Standridge Brides

By Ardent Rose

A compilation of four paranormal short stories folding from one into the other. Four vampire brothers all searching for their chosen one. Goddess Wicca and Goblin King Odon team up to destroy the Standridge brothers once and for all.
It all began on the night of the Blood Moon, when one vampire finds his chosen, in Raven Wood. The Goddess Hecate has given her a prophecy to fulfill, is Quinton her destiny?
Before long the magic of love and lust spreads through the Standridge household. After an altercation with a Goblin King, Odon, Nick goes missing. He soon finds himself helpless and at the mercy of a white witch, Serena Starr. Odon will not accept defeat and captures Serena. He will stop at nothing to win her from Nick. While being held captive by Odon, Serena befriends Margaret, a white goblin, also known as the Pearl of Wisdom. Both women are betrothed to the hideous Goblin King.
The Standridge brothers, Liam and Quinton, search for Nicholas. Once he is found a trip through the portal to the Dark Realm is the only way Nick can save his chosen.
Jarrod, the youngest brother became enthralled in the glowing energy of Margaret’s Mind. The Goblin king seeks to use her to grow his own race.
And all the while, Justine, wife to Liam, sits at home in her bedchamber large with child, a vampire heir. Her delivery may prove the most dangerous mission of all.

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