Author KD Jones


Mercury Rising

7even Circles book 2

KD Jones



Yes, please. Her body instantly responded to just the thought of his lips on hers. Cass was so confused. How could one moment she flirt with and be aroused by Michael, then the next moment she flipped and was aroused by just the idea of kissing Ari?

Ari leaned toward her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. His lips were just inches from hers. “You’re thinking too much, Cass. It’s just a kiss.”

She opened her mouth, intending to argue with him, but all thoughts flew out of her mind the moment his lips touched hers. She shifted, turning so that she would wrap her arms around his neck. Their tongues danced against each other. No kiss had ever tasted this good or felt this hot. Something was building inside of her—she didn’t know what, but she knew that if she didn’t release it soon, she would explode.

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