Author Kizzie Darker


Distraction and Desire.

I turn myself around and come face to face with my man. My fingers trace over his chest and tug at his nipple ring.

“Oh sweetheart, what are you doing to me?”

Fear and Desire.

I want him to make love to me. I want to feel him inside me. Only he can heal me, only he can heal my pain.

Romantically Desired.

Nathan’s POV.

My eyes stray over her pleasing, alluring body once more before I too lay against the satin sheets. Only the sound of our beating hearts can be heard.

Forever Desired.

Nathan’s POV.

“God, I have missed you so, so much, my angel. Today has been hell without you.


Author Casey Hagen


“An intoxicating and unique combination of sexy, sweet, and suspenseful. Hagen dazzles with an emotionally complex tale and a cast of rich, compelling characters. An edge-of-your-seat ride!”

Love, truth, and pain lie buried beneath the Sunset at Lake Crane . . .

Faced with a blackmailer’s ultimatum, 19-year-old Erynn O’Neal protects her lover by disappearing from his life. Brokenhearted, she vanishes—and takes a life-altering secret with her.

When She crosses paths with Grant again can they get back what they once had?? What is the dark secret Erynn holds close to her heart?? Grab Sunset at Lake Crane today to find out why this is called an “edge of your seat read.”

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Riding the Boss: A Contemporary Erotic Office Romance

*Warning: This Job Sizzles!*

Dark looks, crimson lips, and a late night work ethic have gotten Angela to where she is today. The boss in her own department. But she never counted on this…

Josh has been working under Angela for years now–only not in the way he wants to. But that’s about to change…

When a late night turns fantasy into reality, will they be able to overcome the risks of an office romance?

Secrets come to light as passions flare.

Sometimes you just have to ride it through. Even if that means riding the boss…

Beautiful female legs in stockings

Riding The Boss

Author Kelsie Belle

The White Witch’s Legacy 1: Raven

When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share an electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them.
Raven embarks on a perilous journey to protect her mother’s legacy and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn. When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have right now. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?…/…/ref=asap_bc…


Author Audra Hart


Book 2 of The Wolf Diaries, Henderson Pack

ONLY 99 cents or FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!

The Pack’s Omega, Maria, has loved the Alpha for over a decade, but has kept their romance a secret in order to protect the Alpha and fulfill her duties to the pack. But now the Alpha has given her ultimatum! Will Maria finally choose to follow her heart or will she remain a slave to duty?

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Game Plan By: TJ Penn

#NewRelease #MustRead #Romance #WeSupportIndieAuthors#BookLove #Giveaways #Kindle

Bailey is a struggling waitress at the local bar, who is running from her dark past, when she finds herself in the wrong place at the right time.

Robert, a star quarterback, comes to his new team with hopes to save them from another losing season. Only, he doesn’t know the lengths the owner will go to, to make sure he isn’t successful.

The owner’s plan starts to fall apart when Bailey and Robert fall in love. Not only that, Bailey’s past is catching up with her.

Will the new lovers find a way or will both lose more than just his season?

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