Author Sara Anderson

The Forgotten

Naughty teaser

Rebecca held onto the soft rope holding her in place. She groaned as the crop hit her once again. The sting was far sharper than the sting of the flogger, but the pain morphed into pleasure. Travis had her on a sawhorse with a vibrator attached to her clit. Her legs shook as she neared the bliss her body strived for. Each strike of the crop brought her closer.

“You’re going to bruise this time, baby. When you sit down and wince from the pain, you’ll remember this.”
She was going to be wet all the time, because whenever she had a sore ass, she thought of Travis and all the wicked things he could do to her. She’d never thought she would ever crave pain, but here she was, about to come from getting her ass whipped. “Only you, Travis.” Her voice sounded hoarse to her own ears.
Travis flicked the crop several more times, and Rebecca went over the cliff with a soft scream. She felt her pussy clenching as the vibrator forced her climax.
Rebecca heard the crop hit the floor and heard Travis’s zipper. Travis untied her and moved her to the bed. He placed her feet on the floor and bent her over the bed. She grabbed onto the blanket moments before his cock filled her.
They both let out low moaned. Travis started thrusting into her over and over, hitting her G-spot at the perfect angle. Within minutes, Rebecca was ready to come again. She cried out once then felt the wave of ecstasy hit her. Her pussy convulsed around Travis’s shaft as he pounded into her.
“One more, sweetheart,” Travis commanded. “Give me one more.”

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