Author C.A. Knoble

New Release

Ravages of Spirit: Atonement

The horrors of their encounter with Jacob and the Warriors behind them, the group returns to the commune, hopeful their arrival marks the end of their troubles. However, much is amiss in the Pride and they all soon find themselves immersed in woe once more. Supporting Finn in his recovery, Tessa soon finds that not all Pride members welcome humans amongst them and worries how far one shifter may go to show their displeasure. Wresting with his guilt over recent events, Finn discovers he may never shift or walk again and, if unable to function as a cat-shifter, he foresees a gloomy future for himself and Tessa, one in which their love alone may not be enough to sustain them.
In addition to dealing with his own guilt, Gerrard feels the crushing pressure of his Alpha duties. Supporting Kaylyn through her grief, reaching out to Harper, and dealing with a troublesome Pride member are taking their toll on him. When Tulsa faces the sins of his past, his life is endangered and Gerrard, in a bid to save his friend, risks his own life to assist him. Eager to sacrifice himself for his loved ones, even that may not be enough to quell the storm descending on the Pride. For the Alpha is harbouring his own secret, one that will test loyalties, devastate his family and endanger all in the Pride.


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