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Ravages of Spirit: Retribution

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The door to the cabin opened and Finn entered. Figuring he would head straight to the bathroom to shower, she was surprised when he approached her. He stopped behind her and she involuntarily tensed. She could smell his sweat-drenched skin, the earthy muskiness of it arousing her instantly. He smelled so virile.

“Dinner smells amazing,” he stated.

His voice was deep and husky and fuelled her desire. She shuffled her feet uncomfortably as she nodded.

“Thank you,” she responded softly.

Tessa had barely managed to squeak out the words. She was so flustered her cheeks were burning. His nearness was unnerving and she cursed her traitorous body and its inability to ignore Finn’s proximity. She had no idea why he was so close to her but she wished he would back away. Her longing for him was torment, knowing he didn’t want her. Supposing he merely drew closer to her to speak with her, she tried to calm her body, hoping he would move away from her soon.

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