Author Kizzie Darker

The Desire Series


Distraction & Desire: She was his Distraction. He her Desire.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Joanna Woods, after getting her heart broken by Luke, thought she would never find love again. Deciding to get away from all the heartache and stress, she goes to the Love Capital of the world, Paris for a vacation. Would a chance meeting change her life?

Nathan Jones is a successful business man who, unbeknownst to Joanna, is secretly a CIA agent. Once he becomes a target of the Mafia, everyone is in danger. He lost one love of his life. Will he risk it all to be with Joanna? They have instant attraction and chemistry. But will Joanna be able to love the true Nathan Jones? Will she be able to handle the truth and the Mafia?

Fear & Desire: He will Fear. She will Forever Desire.

He will Fear. She will forever Desire
What is love? What does it mean? Does it mean to love and to cherish your one true love?
Does it mean to hold her close and not to let her go no matter what?
Does it mean not to keep secrets from her? But the secrets I keep gnaw at my mind; they dominate my weakened heart and soul. I live in fear, constant frightening fear that I will lose her, lose my one true love.
Do I tell her? Do I reveal all?

He loves me. I have to be believe that Nathan loves me but the very thought of losing him causes me to desire him even more.
It seems we all fear and we all desire but when life throws problems at you love must conquer all.

Romantically Desired: Will Love Conquer All?

I have never known love like this, never have I desired someone like I have Nathan. He completes me, worships me, wants me and loves me. Today we will say I do, today we will make a promise to one another, today we will become man and wife until death us do part.
But I have a secret….a secret that I must keep.
I have never known pure, unadulterated love like this before. Never have I desired someone like I do Joanna. She is my world, my love, my distraction. Today she will become my wife, today we will say I do and make promises that will last a lifetime.
But I have a secret…..a secret I must keep.

Forever Desired: Two Hearts. One Soul.

Forever. Adverb: For all time. For always.

Their everlasting love has stood the test of time. Their beautiful relationship has grown. Two beating hearts have become one.
But in the dark forbidding shadows, evil looms in the form of Maria Agosti.
A life for a life.

Joanna has stupidly taken matters into her own hands. She wants answers. She wants to know the truth. Will Nathan be able to save her before it’s too late?

The path to happiness is uncertain as their story continues.
Will their unconditional love conquer all?

Two hearts, one soul.

Forever Desired.

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