Author J F Holland

J holland

The first in the Dennison Property Story Series.  Characters to relate to, with human failings, humour and chemistry. (Each book is a standalone read in its own right)


Two years, Kitty Phillips has worked for Blake Dennison as his PA.  Two years, of hiding behind plain glasses, and frumpy clothes.  She’s subdued her feisty nature for all that time, due to falling for, and attracting, the wrong men.  She believed playing down her looks would keep her safe, safe from men that are only after one thing. 

Finally she’s ready to put a toe back in the dating pool, and disaster.  Her first foray back and she walks in on Lance (a man she thought wanted her for herself) in a compromising position, with his own PA.  She goes back to the office, and her temper breaks its bonds.  She gives her boss her views on him, and men like him with both barrels.  

Blake never mixes business with pleasure. But after kitty reveals the woman she’d been hiding, he’s all for breaking the rules. He pursues kitty with single minded intent.  He wants to bed the woman he’s found hiding, in plain sight.  After all she’s threatening to leave his employment, he may as well enjoy her before she goes.  

They both get more than they bargained for, once passion ignites.  Kitty is feistier than Blake was expecting, and Blake is much more that Kitty ever believed possible.  Have Kitty and Blake finally found The Only One for them?  Or will underhanded dealings steal away their chance at forever?


The Only One can be found here:-

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