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April Ares   Ares Gods of Old Book 1

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Gods of Old Book 1
What happens when the God of War finds his one true love?
When you’re the God of War, you’re used to people doing what you want them to, when you want them to. Ares is used to people wanting things from him, just as he’s used to the admiring looks he gets from women, and men, alike. What he isn’t used to is a small, human female not only knowing who and what he is, but not really being all that impressed, or fearful.
Ava has always known that the Gods exist. In fact, she’s the one that’s been entrusted with Ares’ book. The book that has been passed down from generation to generation for safe keeping; the same book that could ruin Ares if it ever fell into the wrong hands.
They didn’t expect to fall in love, especially as quickly as they did, but now that they’ve found each other, they are determined to never let anything rip them apart.
Warning: This is insta-love at its finest. It’s also sugary sweet, with an HEA. Enjoy!

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