Author Sadie Carter

sadie carter

Alien Morsels by Sadie Carter

Revisit the sexy, Alpha warriors and their strong, funny women in these short morsels.
Zoey and Dex
Feeling like she’s been pregnant forever, Zoey is uncomfortable, grumpy and if one more piece of advice comes out of her mother-in-law’s mouth she’s going to explode!
It seemed like the moment she became pregnant, she ceased being Zoey and became a baby-carrier. Will Dex ever want her again? Or is their sex life completely dried up?

Mila and Koran
Tackling her new job of human ambassador to Zerconia, Mila knows she has a lot of hurdles in her path. Nerves threaten to get the better of her, but she knows her big, gruff Alpha mate will always have her back.
No matter what sort of threats come their way.

Willa and Darac
Life on Zerconia is much easier, simpler, yet Willa misses the action of her old life. It doesn’t help that she feels like he’s pulling away and right before their mating ceremony.
What is he hiding?
Please note: To fully enjoy this book, it is best read as part of the series. This novella leads on to Alien Mine which will be released on Sept, 1st. Look out for pre-order soon!!

Author Gracie Meadows


Razor’s Mark
Marked Book 1

Jason “Razor” McCoy didn’t want much out of life. He was happy being a tattoo artist and having an occasional hookup. To him, life was good. However, everything comes to a halt when he is notified of his brother’s death. As if that wasn’t enough, a small woman blows into his life, leaving him no other choice but to think fast on his feet.

Faith Hillman, a computer analyst by trade, does her best to stay below the radar when her job with a high-tech computer company puts her life in danger. When her partner and friend goes missing, she risks everything to find the one person who could help her—his brother.

Two people thrown together, each for separate reasons, find they must work together toward a common goal. After calling in all their resources, can Razor and Faith avoid being seen and save everyone, or does Faith fall—leaving nothing but Razor’s Mark?

Author Bio: I was never much of a writer in school. I enjoyed mostly poems, but anything longer never held my interest. When a friend challenged me to actually write a book better than the one she was reading. I toyed with the idea, and now here I am today. I have found a hidden passion that allows my wild side to come out while keeping the romance together.

Twitter: @Graciemeadows01





Excerpt from Razor’s Mark:

He didn’t head right to the shop, as he needed to figure out what to tell Sparkle.  She understood shit with the red tape and cover-ups. She might be a smokin’ hot woman but she loved conspiracy theories, and this one was a whopper.  The truth, but without names, would work, and they could find a way to keep her in the back until he got this solved.  He didn’t want to have to babysit a woman, especially one who annoyed the crap out of him, and intrigued him all within one breath.
He didn’t even know if the threat was real, and if it was, what would they actually do to her?  He knew thugs and shit like that, but government crap and military undercover OPs were not his thing.
Getting this done and getting Faith out of his life and out of his mind was his motivation for turning around and going to the shop. Pulling in the back, he parked in the spots for the artists. He waited for Faith to climb off before he did.  Taking both helmets, he locked them away, then after making sure she could stand on her own, they headed inside.  Opening the back door, he smiled when Tex was there.
“Oh look, fresh meat.  Please tell me she’s a virgin and I can mark her first.”  Tex, with his crazy ass southern drawl, made Faith jump and hide behind him, like a scared mouse.
“Shit, I didn’t think about that.  Not sure about the virgin part, but marking her, not while she’s here.  Sparkle in?”
“Yeah, in the front.  Want me to send her to the office?”
“Could you?”
“Yup, oh and, Razor, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her.  She looks sweeter than a Georgia peach, and I bet I can make her cry.”  He winked at Faith before leaving.
“What was that about?” she asked.  Faith hated people talking about her, and she really hated when people assumed she was a virgin.  Sure, she lacked in the sexual department, but the men she worked with thought coitus was only needed for reproduction and not enjoyment.
“Nothing,” he said before pulling her once again into the office she had been in before.
“That wasn’t nothing.  I don’t like people talking about me, especially when I’m standing right there.”
“What about that bothered you?”
“Just parts,” she answered.  She didn’t need to tell him specifics.
“Ah, the virgin part.  Let me reassure you, kitten; it’s not what you think.  He didn’t want to know if you had had sex before.  He was talking about your skin.  A virgin to tattoos and piercings.  They are the best to work on.  Fresh, clean skin, untainted by color and marks.  It’s a great honor to have someone do a virgin tat that’s not some stupid butterfly shit.”  She blinked a few times, not sure what to say.  That was the most he had ever said to her and with his few words she was drawn in.  His voice was soothing and hypnotic.  She enjoyed his voice when he talked like a person to her and not barking orders. It made him much more attractive than before, and it made her feel drawn to him in some sort of weird way she couldn’t explain.  A magnetic pull of some kind.
“Oh, okay.”  She lowered her head, unsure of what to say next.  She sat down on the chair waiting for, well something. Trying to keep her nerves calm with herself and not look up at him anymore.

Author April Zyon

April Ares   Ares Gods of Old Book 1

Now Available from April Zyon and Vin Vatar Publishing!

Gods of Old Book 1
What happens when the God of War finds his one true love?
When you’re the God of War, you’re used to people doing what you want them to, when you want them to. Ares is used to people wanting things from him, just as he’s used to the admiring looks he gets from women, and men, alike. What he isn’t used to is a small, human female not only knowing who and what he is, but not really being all that impressed, or fearful.
Ava has always known that the Gods exist. In fact, she’s the one that’s been entrusted with Ares’ book. The book that has been passed down from generation to generation for safe keeping; the same book that could ruin Ares if it ever fell into the wrong hands.
They didn’t expect to fall in love, especially as quickly as they did, but now that they’ve found each other, they are determined to never let anything rip them apart.
Warning: This is insta-love at its finest. It’s also sugary sweet, with an HEA. Enjoy!

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Author Raven Dark


Rich Man’s Property Bad Boy’s Bargain Book 2

Now Available!

Kane has returned. Presenting Rich Man’s Property, Book 2 of the sizzling mafia serial, Bad Boy’s Bargain.


They say dealing with a man like him always comes with a price.
They were right.

I’ve made a horrible mistake, getting involved with Kane Davros, I just know it. The arrogant, domineering billionaire is the one man who could expose my family to the mobsters who’ve been hunting us my whole life. Unfortunately, he’s also my only hope of survival. Our one night of wicked passion wasn’t enough for him, so when he discovered my family’s debt to the mob, he offered me an unthinkable deal. Become his submissive for six months, or allow the mob to destroy everything I love. One touch from Kane sets me on fire, but his own connections to the mafia and his skills at manipulating others make him the last man I should be tangled up with. He has plans for me, but he’s a Davros after all, and that means nothing he says can be trusted. What happens when he changes the rules?


I am my father’s son, and that means I always get what I want. Anika is no exception. The gorgeous, feisty nurse has become my obsession, and if she accepts my bargain, she’ll belong to me…for a while. Little does she know, there’s someone out there even scarier than me, and the only way to save her is to change the rules. She’ll never forgive me when she realizes what I have planned. But then, she knew what I was when she got into my limo. After all, they say no one gets involved with a Davros and comes out unscathed.

***Beware, this installment contains plenty of light kink, and a cliffhanger, but absolutely no cheating.***

Don’t Forget to read Rich Man’s Price, Book 1 in the Bad Boy’s Bargain Serial Mafia Romance!

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Author Pandora Spocks

Rannigan’s Redemption by Pandora Spocks

Rannigan’s Redemption is the story of the complicated relationship between sexy high-profile Manhattan attorney Michael Rannigan and sassy red-haired fellow lawyer Maggie Flynn. 
Michael and Maggie meet at a job fair, where he hires her practically on the spot.  She’s smart and good her job.  But there’s more to it than he’s willing to admit.  He’s attracted to her.  Which doesn’t make sense.  She’s nothing like the women he dates.  She’s way too smart, for one thing. 

And Maggie’s in love with him, too.  Realizing the situation is all but hopeless, she contents herself with working with him.

One night tears them apart.  And from that point they’re both just running rogue, each making questionable decisions in their professional and personal lives. 

A moment of desperation brings them back together.  After Michael has burned all his bridges, Maggie’s the only one willing to stand by him.

And he’s grateful.  He knows he needs to make it up to her, to somehow find redemption for himself. 

Although Rannigan’s Redemption was intended to be one book, this story was too long and covers nearly ten years of Michael’s and Maggie’s lives, so it was originally released as three separate novels. 

This boxed set includes all three Rannigan’s Redemption novels: Resisting Risk, Running Rogue, and Ransoming Redemption.  

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Author Desiree A. Cox

New Release

Title: Intertwined Hearts
Author: Desiree A. Cox
Genre: Erotic Romance (18+)

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis at Book Cover By Design
Editor: Melissa Gray

If you read the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy, you already met Hunter and Jackie.
Now you can read their story – Intertwined Hearts!

If you haven’t read the trilogy, what are you waiting for?

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Fate brought them face-to-face for a wedding between their
best friends. A wedding neither was thrilled to be a part of.

When they met and shook hands, their worlds were rocked.
Could it be love at first sight? Was there really such a thing?

They both were haunted by past relationships. But Jackie had
really deep scars.

And they were opposites in nearly every way.

Was a life together possible?

Neither ever imagined their lives would change as a
result of a simple rehearsal dinner.

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She looked away and found some guy sitting nearby, alone, and waved for him to join her. He smiled at her like he’d just won the lottery. He damn near knocked his seat over trying to get to her. My breathing quickly became ferocious, like an angry bull, and the blood raced through my veins as I feebly attempted to calm the
jealousy that was building with rapid speed.
Nikki and Jeff were walking behind me when Jeff leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Go dance with her.”
“Nah, I don’t like the music.” He shrugged and followed his wife.

When the song ended, the meek fucker kissed her on the cheek and I damn near lost it. She gave me the most teasing look and winked. She knew she had gotten to me. She waved for me to come to her, and like a love-sick puppy, I did. I wouldn’t have been able to
watch her dance with another guy again. I had to figure out a way to make the most of this god-awful shit music that was playing, just so I could be close to her.