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OMEGA’S CHOICE, Book 2 of The Wolf Diaries, Henderson Pack series by Audra Hart is LIVE on Amazon!
Seeking the primal thrill of the hunt? You’ll love OMEGA’S CHOICE! Join Maria & the Alpha in OMEGA’S CHOICE, Book 2 of The Wolf Diaries by Audra Hart for a sensual and exciting romp. OMEGA’S CHOICE is a fast paced novelette which will engage your emotions, tweak your libido and leave you with a smile on your face!
On the night of a much awaited mating ceremony, ancient magick thrums through the clearing calling to the primal natures of the assembled werewolves. Will the pack’s OMEGA heed the call and yield to her innate nature to follow her heart or will she hold tight to her perceived duty and continue to deny her heart’s truest desire?
SNIPPET (Caution – for mature adults only):
Copyright (c) 2016 Audra Hart
In moments, my male, in all his naked glory, is standing beside me. The look on his face would terrify me if I didn’t know this man so well. But I also have the advantage of being an empathetic wolf. He’s worried about me. I frightened him with my foolhardy escapades tonight.
I reach up and cup his handsome scowling, face with one hand, while the other braces against the rock face. I smile gently into his eyes and whisper; “I’m okay, my love. I’m feeling very stupid right about now, but I deserve that.”He mirrors my tender gesture and growls; “If you had hit… if you had fallen all the way down there…” He swallows hard and looks pained at the very idea. In the blink of an eye, his hand is wrapped painfully tight in my wild mane of hair and he’s pulling me against his body, hard. The contact between our heated skin fires my passion and I barely notice my cuts, scrapes, and bruises. I moan my pleasure and surrender when he yanks on my hair to tip my face upwards, before his mouth crashes down on mine for a brutal kiss.This kiss is flavored with his desperation and fear for my well-being, causing me to whimper at the pain I put him through tonight. But it doesn’t take long for our animal biology to take over and the kiss to turn carnal. I can do nothing but willingly, no eagerly, submit to his total dominion over me.We are both panting erratically when he breaks the kiss with a snarl. “Godsdammit, Maria, if you ever do anything so reckless again, I will chain you to my bed for a year.” He’s gripping my shoulders hard and gives me a very rough shake to emphasize his message. “Do you hear me, baby?”I can only nod at first, but quickly my relief at being safe and back in his arms takes over to melt into intense feelings of love for this male. The love and the realization that the goddess has gifted me with an undeserved second chance gives rise to giddiness.
Note from the author: Omega’s Choice, like all of the books in the Wolf Diaries series, can be read as a standalone novella, as each book is a self-contained story with an HEA. However, the reader will receive a much richer and entertaining experience by reading these interconnected stories in order. If you have not yet read the first book in this series, Dez – Diary of the Alpha’s Daughter – Book 1 The Wolf Diaries, it can be downloaded at

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