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Attention Authors with big Egos

Really you think you’re above everyone else and that you deserve it all. Ha that’s so funny that in a world full of all kinds of authors that you think your King book

Please explain to me how you came to that conclusion. I want to know what gives you the right to be rude, disrespectful and full of shit yeah I said it, that’s what you are and you know it.

You have been acting like you are above everyone, you have posts with very negative and mean comments and then you complain when people are honest and tell you the truth.

Let’s be clear be grateful and honored that you have followers, that you have people willing to help you and have worked hard for you. Out of love for your writing. You touched them so much that they want to bring more readers to you.

Your self- importance, egotism is not only wrong it’s out of place I just don’t understand it. Before you complain and insult the people that are helping think about where you’ll be without their help and support. Be humble and thankful that someone love your work so much that they are helping you promote and share you.

Did you stop to consider that the person helping you has a life, personal problems and things going on. Do you know that it takes time and effort for us to share and promote you. Did you ever consider their feelings before your rude remarks and self center behavior. 

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