Lady Romance

lady romance 1

Lady Romance has no time for you book thieves. 

Today I’m angry I’m sick and tired of all of the abusive and disrespectful behavior of  book thieves you think you’re so smart you change one or two things and you claim to be an author. Well you’re not smart you’re an idiot that wants things easy. How would you like if I take the food away from your kids what if I went to your job and stole your stuff and said I did that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Authors write books because that’s what they do is something they love to do. You have no idea what they sacrificed to get that book published and you come act nice and became their friends to steal their work.  How dare you steal from them do you know that you should be honored and count yourself lucky to be invited into their circle.

You are a malicious lazy ass that is not strong enough to write your own stuff. You disgust me you’re a poor excuse of a human being that needs to pay or go to jail for this. I’m sick and tired of people like you people that want everything easy.

I love being in my book community but we need to be careful because this world is full of trolls that destroy all our hard work. We are working together to help share and promote our favorite books because those books have touched us and we want to give back. I won’t stop helping authors