Lady Romance

Attention Book Trolls

Yes you know who you are, you are a bad and malicious person you go around sharing your negative germs. You have nothing better than to post negativity and hate. You can’t see that you’re not needed.

You need to get exterminated because the book community is for us to celebrate, appreciate, share and just love our authors that have taken the time to create, write and share their wonderful stories with us.

Yes we are not going to like everything, does that really give you the right to be rude and disrespectful. I don’t think so and I am sick and tired of you and your negativity you need to go and try to learn to be a real human being that understands that words are very powerful and when you go out of your way to hurt someone you are an empty soul in need of attention.

To anyone that has been hurt by the actions of these senseless fools. Please keep going and pay them no attention because you will always have people that support and love what you do. You will always find someone that appreciates your hard work.

lady romance

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