Author Audra Hart

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THE ENTIRE TRILOGY is ALWAYS ONLY 99 cents per episode on amazon. Episodes 2 & 3 are ALWAYS FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited 😀

One man, one woman…
a Celtic Wolf & a Greek Werebear.
Lovers from different worlds.
Bound by FATE…
Separated by hatred, unbelievable cruelty and ancient prejudice.
Reunited by DESTINY…
Embarking on a journey of HOMECOMING, RESCUE & REDEMPTION

MARA’S HOMECOMING – Episode I of the Beast Realm Chronicles –

CAMERON’S RESCUE – Episode II of the Beast Realm Chronicles –

LOGAN’S REDEMPTION – Episode III of the Beast Realm Chronicles –

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Author Jennifer L Roche

Gems of Strength (Gems of Sisterhood Book 1) by [Sisterhood, The, Madden, Alana, Horton-Newton, Elizabeth, Madden, Markie, Dawn, Mistral K., Mossman, Karen J., Campbell, Kirsten, Harrison, Ann, Madden, Natasha, Jennifer L. Roche, Ashley Melanson, Chrissy Moon, Christie Stratos, Claire Plaisted, Jane Rose Frances, Kristy Wagner, LG Surgeson, Thanna A. Setliff, Valarie Savage Kinney] Gems of Strength*Version*=1&*entries*=

Gems of Strength Anthology Series featuring Jennifer’s  short story Hidden Identities. All stories in this anthology are written by female authors & feature strong female protagonists overcoming extreme circumstances. The first installment in the Gems Anthology from The Sisterhood, it is quickly ascending the Amazon Best Seller’s list! Published by Metamorph Publishing



The weaker sex? There’s no such thing! Enter Anna, who fights against evil for what she knows is right. Enter Chessie, who must battle prejudice and overcome the torment she holds inside. Read Delia’s story, a struggle against domestic violence. Follow the tale of Apple as she struggles with her demons. And be inside the story with nameless women who must deal with the loss of a child, the inner struggle of uncertain sexuality, the escape from domestic violence, the healing of assault, and the finding of love.

These characters embody the strength of women, strip away the illusion of weakness, and bring hope of things to come. The authors of The Sisterhood bring you these poignant short stories and demonstrate there is nothing weak about women!

PA appreciation Day!

Romanceaholic PA appreciation Day! Honoring our hardworking PA’s and Thanking them
Cheers to all PA’s

Diana Ware-Page I PA for Madison Sevier and Trim & Julka, part time as they need me. I do it because I love seeing their hard work get into the hands of their fans to read and enjoy, just like I do

Jen Wainwright PA I PA for Author Heidi Thomas

I do it mainly because I love her work and believe in it and I’d truly like her to be a better known author. There’s only me, we have no ST or anything so I like to help her as much as I can. I edit for her too x

Tracy Ehlers PA  I Love my authors and help anyway I can! 

I PA for Dzintra Sullivan who is not only MY author but my soul Sister and best friend..

Lena Carmona I’m not a PA anymore. I had to step down due to way to much on my plate lol but when I did… I did it to help a new Author out because I believed in her & wanted her to succeed. I was Kat Caffee’s PA for a time

Tara Pennington I was one and I stepped down basically cause she shot her self in the foot. Then after that I just didn’t have the time with mom.  Why because I love helping people to see their dreams through.

Melissa Ann I PA for David S. Scott and I PA for him  because he is my best friend and I believe in him as an author. I want to witness him grow as an author and to see him succeed. We are each strong in different areas of publishing and our combined knowledge makes us a solid team.

Kendall Blackburn Barnett  I enjoy and I love all my guys and gal.                                         Who do you PA for ?Faith Gibson,Ethan Radcliff
Chris C. Genovese ,Don Abdul,Elias Raven

Denielle Hoppe I PA for AC Bextor and I do it cause I love her face hard!!! She is so brilliant at what she does and she is so underrated she deserves to have the exposure and success a best seller gets! And she has become such a huge support in my endeavours in this indie book world and a good friend…I do what I can to show the world all her talent!!!

Heather Hungate PA I enjoy reading. Really have enjoyed spreading the word on series I’ve enjoyed reading. Facebook has sucked the fun out of it.
Christine M Butler, Tasha Black and  Melissa Snark they put up with me lol

Pamela Leonhardt PA I love what I do as a PA. Love helping others when I can. And I PA for Tina Donahue and Tricia Bailey

Shanna Blanton PA I’m a PA because I love to help others and I believe in them.  As I’ve told them before if I can get a couple people out of a group to read their work I’m happy because that’s a few more people to enjoy their writing and believe in them as I do.
I PA for author Kitten K. Jackson and new poet/author Michael Gagain/Black Reign


Facebook is failing Authors


Sad but completely true Facebook is failing authors let explain so you understand how hard they have made things and you be the judge.

Facebook has set up rules and regulations that are completely ridiculous and getting out of hand fast. Facebook wants to make money and the best way for them to do this is by having its members boost post but what happens when people use hard work, sharing and word of mouth to get their posts out. They set rules to make it almost impossible to share posts on Facebook.

  1. people are allow to report you for any reason Facebook doesn’t check to see if this person is wrong or just reporting for a stupid reason no they go remove your post, put you in Facebook jail which is where you get a timeout from your account and facebook will tell you have this much time until you can have access to your account again
  2. people are actually getting away with reporting book covers First off who are you to criticize a book cover the author has the right to design their cover anyway they want period.
  3. Facebook has rules about nudity only with authors because let’s be honest you can see and find sexual pictures and videos on Facebook but they only go after authors
  4. Facebook need to stop with their rules and regulations and focus on giving the user a good place to enjoy

Dear Facebook you are not being fair with your rules and you can’t be strict with your rules only to the author community. We are very active on facebook with our books, blogs, groups and events. It’s important to have rules but if you have the rules enforce them with everyone equally