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10155906_286864898146053_571609015_n Hi, a little about me. I’m originally from western New York. I’ve lived in California for most of my life and now reside back in New York. I started writing when I turned 62 and have published four novels and a book of poems. Novel number five, a romantic suspense is due out July 2016. My poetry is diverse and written from both the male and female perspectives.

Don’t mistake my age for my condition. I have the body of a forty year old and the mind of an adolescent teenager but with the experience and wisdom of a senior. I write erotic romance under the pen name Jack Gorn, don’t tell everyone, it can be our little secret. *

.. I like to write and read historical fiction, adventures, mysteries, and erotic romance. *

.. I like reading, but prefer writing. I’m not a fan of writing book series, although I read them. I love the creative aspect of writing and I like to let the characters drive the plot. I have been blessed with an active mind giving me and endless supply of fresh ideas. *

..I like stories that educate and entertain, so I spend time researching when I write *

..I have been married to my love for 46 years and have a grown daughter. For fun I like to play chess and enjoy Dungeons and Dragons style RPG’s like (World of Warcraft), and nature.

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