Author Joe P. Attanasio



A Butcher’s Tale *

This is a historical adventure. This is the story of a passionate and idealistic young man named Joseph in fourteenth century England. He gives up his career as a butcher with his trade guild in York and follows a young woman, Dorothy, and her family into the border country to the north. Dorothy and her family are going to take over the farm they inherited when her uncle died. The English-Scottish war is heating up and the border region is very unstable. This is the time of Edward I, (Longshanks), and William Wallace. Every effort has been made to ensure the historical events and flavor of the times is accurately portrayed. For those that are familiar with the reference; this story resembles a fourteenth century version of “Little House on the Prairie” written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This story is suitable for ages 13 and up.

Treasure Trove *

This is a modern day adventure involving a 300 year old pirate treasure. This is a story of common people becoming involved in extraordinary circumstances. Chance and luck, both good and bad play a big part in this story. Come follow this story as it unfolds and hope you enjoy it.

Sarah *

This is a fictionalized account of a real woman who lived in colonial New York City. Sarah Bradley led an incredible life that spanned 78 years. She was married to four wealthy men including Captain William Kidd, the infamous pirate. This is not only her story, but a portrayal of the turbulent politics of New York City in the seventeenth century as well. Having just conquered the Dutch city, England had its hands full managing their new assets from afar. Governors changed frequently as England itself was in turmoil.

Ship to Shore *

Ship to Shore is a romantic suspense story. Jared returns to his hometown on a 60-day bereavement leave, after being gone for 13 years in the Merchant Marines. He meets Lois living in his childhood house and his life changes in ways he never expected. Her ex is a control freak and trouble maker, causing things to get messy. This story of passion and commitment takes place in beautiful Northern California, and is rich in local flavor. There is something for everyone in this most unique tale. A perfect read for the weekend or a day at the beach. Give in to your romantic side and feel the love in this standalone story. . Warning: the heat index is between sensual and sizzle which means the love/sex scenes are an integral part of the story. These scenes only involve one adult couple and are sensual, playful, sexy, and contain limited, but descriptive language. This is an adult romance, for age 18 and up.


Divulged *

Divulged is an erotic thriller. This is the story of John Hort, a family man and senior partner at a prestigious law firm. John writes crime novels and self publishes them for fun. He joined the Facebook community to promote his books where he met many authors. John traded reads with his new author friends, many of whom wrote erotica. He became interested in the genre and decided to write his own erotica romance novel. He wrote and published one such book under a pen name, keeping it a secret from everyone. An unexpected series of events followed that would change his life forever. This story is for adults only as it contains graphic adult content.

We are Three *

“We are three”, is an (FMF) ménage novella, …..Have you ever thought of having a ménage, even though you’re in your late fifties and have been married for thirty years? Does the thought of inviting another woman into your bedroom to share your husband scare the daylights out of you? …..This is the story of one such couple. I invite you to peek into their lives and experience the joys that only a threesome can bring. This book has many detailed (FMF) ménage scenes and is erotic in nature, intended for ages 18 and up ONLY.


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