Author Audra Hart

Dez – Diary of the Alpha’s Daughter, a Supernatural Romantic Thriller with FANGS & CLAWS
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Desdemona, Daughter of the ALPHA

Sexy, educated, capable and willful. After years of avoiding all things werewolf and making a life for herself away from her pack, Dez is abruptly recalled by her father, the ALPHA. Forced to give up her dreams and live among her brethren who won’t even look at her because she’s an anomaly, a werewolf who can’t shift. Once there, she is feeling isolated and resentful as fate seems determined to taunt her with the one male she’s always wanted, always yearned for… the pack’s BETA, Wyatt Bailey.

Wyatt, BETA of the Pack

Adonis of the Open Range. Utterly devoted to pack, hard-working, loyal, protective and capable. A male of action and few words – because he has a true talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Despite his talent for putting his foot in his mouth, he’s also the one male Dez believes is destined for her. The mate her inner wolf craves. But his rejection quashed those dreams years ago leaving her determined to achieve on her own, resentful and insecure.


As leader of a powerful pack of werewolves he has always put pack first… sometimes at the expense of his own daughter. Now, the ALPHA has plans for Dez & Wyatt, but vicious attacks from unknown enemies may derail the best laid plans.

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