PA appreciation Day!

Romanceaholic PA appreciation Day! Honoring our hardworking PA’s and Thanking them
Cheers to all PA’s

Diana Ware-Page I PA for Madison Sevier and Trim & Julka, part time as they need me. I do it because I love seeing their hard work get into the hands of their fans to read and enjoy, just like I do

Jen Wainwright PA I PA for Author Heidi Thomas

I do it mainly because I love her work and believe in it and I’d truly like her to be a better known author. There’s only me, we have no ST or anything so I like to help her as much as I can. I edit for her too x

Tracy Ehlers PA  I Love my authors and help anyway I can! 

I PA for Dzintra Sullivan who is not only MY author but my soul Sister and best friend..

Lena Carmona I’m not a PA anymore. I had to step down due to way to much on my plate lol but when I did… I did it to help a new Author out because I believed in her & wanted her to succeed. I was Kat Caffee’s PA for a time

Tara Pennington I was one and I stepped down basically cause she shot her self in the foot. Then after that I just didn’t have the time with mom.  Why because I love helping people to see their dreams through.

Melissa Ann I PA for David S. Scott and I PA for him  because he is my best friend and I believe in him as an author. I want to witness him grow as an author and to see him succeed. We are each strong in different areas of publishing and our combined knowledge makes us a solid team.

Kendall Blackburn Barnett  I enjoy and I love all my guys and gal.                                         Who do you PA for ?Faith Gibson,Ethan Radcliff
Chris C. Genovese ,Don Abdul,Elias Raven

Denielle Hoppe I PA for AC Bextor and I do it cause I love her face hard!!! She is so brilliant at what she does and she is so underrated she deserves to have the exposure and success a best seller gets! And she has become such a huge support in my endeavours in this indie book world and a good friend…I do what I can to show the world all her talent!!!

Heather Hungate PA I enjoy reading. Really have enjoyed spreading the word on series I’ve enjoyed reading. Facebook has sucked the fun out of it.
Christine M Butler, Tasha Black and  Melissa Snark they put up with me lol

Pamela Leonhardt PA I love what I do as a PA. Love helping others when I can. And I PA for Tina Donahue and Tricia Bailey

Shanna Blanton PA I’m a PA because I love to help others and I believe in them.  As I’ve told them before if I can get a couple people out of a group to read their work I’m happy because that’s a few more people to enjoy their writing and believe in them as I do.
I PA for author Kitten K. Jackson and new poet/author Michael Gagain/Black Reign


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