Inside view of Romanceaholic

Why do you blog about books? Well to be honest I love to read and books are very big part of my life. Books save my life, whenever I need to escape I pick up a book and get lost in the worlds the authors create.

What is the purpose of your blog? My goal is to share and promote as many great authors as I can. I want to showcase their books. I want to give them a home where people can see the authors hard work.

What is something you want readers to know? I want readers to know that authors work hard to create their books and that its important to appreciate their hardwork. Its important to leave reviews and share your love for the book that made you feel and entertained you.

What is so special that you devote so much time to books? Well that is simple books are someones imagination and creative thoughts come together and create a wonderful world full of  mystery, love, adventure and fantasy. The author has the courage to share their stories with us and they don’t always get to hear what or how their books affected the reader so I wanted to give them a place to see their work and to share my love of books with everyone.

If you could tell the authors one thing what would you tell them? I would say Thank you because without your books I wouldn’t have survive many hard times in my life and Thank you because thanks to you and your books I have seen and felt your characters and their stories. Thank you because books fill me with joy.13275628_1012564492191373_255603054_n

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