Author Angel Rose

Stone Book 2 Saving Madison

A continuation of Stone and Madison’s struggle to find happiness for themselves and their family. This story has violence, death, cruelty. It may not be appropriate for every fan of the romance genre.
The underlying story of Madison and Stone is so traumatic, so complex. They would do anything, go through anything because of the love they have for one another. As you read the story your emotions grow interweaving with the characters. You feel what they feel.
Angel Rose has taken an uncomfortable subject on many levels, and made a romance of it. Your heart bleeds, you laugh when they laugh. You cry when they cry. The forbidden issues take a back seat because of the depth of the characters, the flow of the storyline and the amazing Love Story written in all the horrible drama. By Suzette Salinas…/…/B01F6ET7LM…

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