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Passion’s Magic is live today!!! And it’s already getting rave reviews!

Passion’s Magic by Julie Shelton

The Doms of Passion Lake #5

4.5 Stars

In Passion Lake kink is normal, D/s relationships are abundant and women have their needs met predominately by their alpha hunks. In this, the fifth book of the series set in Passion Lake, widow Molly Duncan and Jared Thompkins meet and decide to explore the possibilities that a D/s relationship might provide for both of them. Molly is a bit unsure of the 13-year age difference in the beginning but old soul Jared and she eventually see that age is just a number and that there is much more to a good relationship than age. Molly has been in a D/s relationship before but, though Jared is a Dom, he is nothing like the Dom she was once married to. Throw in some intrigue with a wicked step-daughter, steamy encounters between Jared and Molly, visits with persons found in previous books of the series and the potential for a happily ever and you have all the elements of a wonderful story – if you like reading a good romance with a D/s slant then I would highly recommend this book to you!


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