Author Angel Rose

Aviary Photo_130950947134583657 (2) THE BROKEN HEART SERIES


Dark drama, love, erotic-suspense.(ADULT CONTENT 18 AND OVER ONLY)

This is a story that will grip your heart and leave you wondering what will happen next to Jenesis. Jenesis has been tormented all of her life by her father, the monster underneath her bed. She has nightmares every night and lives her life consumed by her memories. She’s never been intimate with a man. She trusts no one. She’s never known true love.

The only person she’s ever loved was her mother and when tragedy strikes, she decides to pick up and leave the memories that have tortured her soul behind.

Arriving in NYC, Jenesis believes she’ll start a new life without tragedy and loss. She meets David Hearns, a Captain of the Detective Unit and works side by side with him after he offers her a job. He’s taken a liking to her as the daughter he’s never had. He cares for her and loves her like a father should.

Then, First love comes fast for Jenesis when she meets gorgeous criminal defense lawyer, Michael Hunter. He’s everything any woman would want and HE wants her. She falls hard for him. Love’s him like no other. He’s her HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Michael and David bump heads from the very beginning. Secrets surround them both. It’s evident that they can’t stand each other. It seems now she might have to choose. Will it be Dave or Michael?(End of Book one)

Book 2 Heart’s Betrayal exposes the two men and their lives before Jenesis walked into it. Twists and turns no one expects…especially Jenesis.

Book 3 Loving Heart is the final Book in the series and is Michael’s and Jenesis’ POV…but someone from book one comes back to try to destroy the unconditional love Jenesis has for Michael. Is their love strong enough to forgive and forget everything that’s happened between them? Or will this other man step in and convince Jenesis he’s the one for her?

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