Author Jennifer Roche

What does Healing Ties mean to you Jennifer?

Healing Ties was a labor of love for me.  This book comprises multiple themes that seem to mirror the emotions of the characters and intensify as the book takes form.

The book itself continually morphed into a work of beauty that I was proud to create.  There were moments in its creation when it would take off on a course of its own.

When I re-read the final draft however, I was surprised to see how much of myself was evident in a specific character.  I also noted parallels between my life experiences and those that were found in Healing Ties to a degree.

I gave my all to make this book, each event for this book, or promotion for it, so that the literary world would see how special and unique this story was.

Now I am already finished with chapter one of Book Two Severed Ties, the next book in the series and ready to begin the journey once more!

Healing Ties

A work of contemporary fiction that introduces Andrea and Blythe. Two extremely different personalities brought together by fate as roommates in college. The beauty of these two girls is that they accept one another unconditionally despite their differences. Together they create a unique bond of friendship, that reaches beyond other’s comprehension.

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