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I am 73, a retired music teacher, living in Virginia with my family, 11 cats, and one noisy bird. I love to write, cross stitch, and color. I’ve been reading since I was four. Mom said the first word I spoke was ‘book’, carrying one around and bugging everyone to read to me. All were thankful when I began reading for myself.







Angel Mine

Jeza is a gorgeous redhead with a broken heart. One afternoon, she meets a handsome stranger at a local gun range and the sparks fly. Instant attraction results in a hot romance, but trouble looms on the horizon. Her former abusive boyfriend returns to reclaim her with dangerous intent.

Lycan Heart

Julia Monroe has been wandering all her life…from one foster home to another, then one job to another. She meets a wealthy man, Robert Flannery, who becomes her employer. His son, Justin, is attracted to Julia and reveals himself to her; first as his wolf persona, then in his human form. As their relationship develops, Julia learns more about the secrets the Flannerys hold…ones that will lead to love, friendship, and danger. Due to sexual content, recommended for 18 and older.


How about a little bait and switch? Three horror tales, each with a twist, three shifters with their own brand of terror. SILK, THIRSTY, and PREY will definitely keep you guessing. Intended for 18+.

Dark Lycan

Tara Bentley has experienced much in her life. Losing her father while still in high school, she finds herself faced with a stepfather a year later. When she finally accepts him, rapid developments threaten to unravel her existence.

Attending a dinner with her parents, Tara meets a young man who proves to be a danger.. She awakens in the woods, remembers being with him, but the rest eludes her. Found by a handsome shapeshifter, she is returned to her family..

Jared, her rescuer, begins to court her, and soon, they are in a loving relationship. Revelations come to light, involving her true heritage. These bring joy but also danger to her, as well as to Jared and his family.

Faced with the knowledge that her attacker is still at large, Tara must either decide to embrace her true nature to protect those she loves, or risk losing them.

18+ due to mature content.



Author Nikki Belaire

Nikki writes contemporary romantic thrillers and admits to a weakness for alpha males and bad boys, especially ones who can’t live without the strong women they love. She spends more time in her characters’ lives than her own. But, when she’s in the real world, her passions include reading, wine appreciating, running, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

The first book of Nikki’s Surviving Absolution series is Wine & Whiskey, which launched through Secret Cravings Publishing. Heat level: three flames

Book two, Wine & Whiskey: Everything for You, continues and completes Nick and Shae’s story. Heat level: three flames

Wine & Whiskey:

Wine & Whiskey: Everything for You –

Truth About Tequila:

Wine & Whiskey

No longer controlled by her mother, manager, or former fiancé, pop star Shae Armstrong steps out on her own and into the path of Nick DeMarco, a wealthy investor with alleged ties to organized crime and real childhood scars to overcome. She wants to take it slow. He needs her now, in his life and in his bed.

Nick’s enemies threaten her career, her friendships, even her sanity, but not Shae’s heart – the one thing Nick holds precious. He proves his love is real, and she stops running. Until everything around them falls apart, including him. He swore he would never hurt her. Instead, he almost destroys them both. Shae makes a dangerous choice, sacrificing her happiness for his, just like he always does for her.

Now that she’s found her own voice, can Shae survive the challenges of living in Nick’s world?

Author Nia Farrell

12837502_1565085493804782_556300248_o DARK MOONS RISING by Nia Farrell
A PNR shifter D/s MFM ménage otherworldly erotic novelette
Unleashed March 10, 2016
99ȼ Amazon
£0.99 Amazon UK…/…/
WARNING: Heat level: Sizzling. Contains elements of domination and submission in a MFM menage. For ages 18 and over.

Deidra of Ravenhill is a daughter of light, a healer whose energy can be tapped by the one who marks her. Mordred, bastard son of Owain ap Coel, is determined to be that man. He’s captured the castle, killed her family, and forced her to train as a comforter, preparing her for his ultimate possession.

While Mordred is gone, having the brand made to claim her, Deidra manages to escape the castle. She nearly dies in the forest but is saved from falling into a poacher’s pit by Thorne, a dark lord, one of the race of giant shifters that she’s been taught to fear since childhood.

With dark moons due to rise on the most dangerous night of the year, Thorne must become a centaur for them to escape the monsters that roam with the god of chaos. He carries her to the safety of his brother’s hunting lodge, but is she truly out of danger? From Mordred, perhaps, but there are two dark lords who want her – if she’s willing to share.


Author Audra Hart

Lost Wanderer Awakened: Book One of the Airendell Chronicles
by Audra Hart

In Book One of this Trilogy you will read an Epic Saga of Love, Loss and Triumph.


Lucian Michaels, a centuries old Spell Weaver and Vampire, is a powerful alpha male who has never faltered over the centuries in his quest to reclaim his one true mate. His unwavering devotion to his mate has him searching for her, knowing she will eventually be reincarnated and returned to his loving embrace.

Morna Glynn Michaels, a former warrior and powerful Spell Weaver, has been trapped for nearly 600 years, living in the shadow of a wicked curse. Forced apart from her true mate as she is repeatedly reincarnated…always sensing that her destiny is just out of reach.

There are 3 installments in the romantic saga of Lucian and Morna Michaels, each sexy and exciting tale is available at amazon.

Lost Wanderer Awakened – Book One of the Airendell Chronicles –

First Spell Weaver of Airendell – Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles –

Wicked Rage of the Moon – Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles –

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks Blog @ – Information regarding research, families & adults, advocates & ways to get involved.
Be sure to check out the 3-Day Author Takeover Event for Autism Awareness.
SCHEDULE (all times are EST)
Thursday, April 28 (EST)
11:30 am – INTRO & PSA – Audra Hart & Carmen Alicea
Audra Hart – My experiences pertaining to the benefits of Early Diagnosis & Intervention
NOON – Carmen Alicea PA – Romanceaholic Blog
1 pm – Renfield’s Raves & Reviews – Kathleen CafeWorld Banks
2 pm – April Kelley, author of gay fiction
3 pm – Catty Diva, author of sci/fi fantasy, ero/rom
4 pm – Karli Rush, author of coming of age paranormal fiction
5 pm – Thanna Setliff, author of vampire romance
6 pm – Lori King, author of the Surrender series
7 pm – Izzy Szyn, author of paranormal romance
8 pm – CA Cynthia Knoble, author of contemporary romance
9 pm – Audra Hart – author of paranormal romance
10 pm – Andrew Jericho, author of m/m romance
Friday, April 29 (EST)
11:30 am – INTRO & PSA – Audra Hart & Carmen Alicea Audra Hart – My experiences with the struggle to help a child with an ASD to reach his maximum potential during childhood.
NOON – Carmen Alicea PA – Romanceaholic Blog
1 pm – Kathleen Cafeworld Kathleen CafeWorld Banks – Kat’s Korner Books n Stuff
2 pm – Kristen Middleton, author of dark fantasy fiction
3 pm – Author Nia Farrell, contemporary new age erotic romance
4 pm – Desiree A Cox, author of contemporary ero/rom fiction
5 pm – Holly Renee, author of New Adult romance
6 pm – Caitlyn O’Leary, author of mil rom & women’s adventure
7 pm – M.L. Steinbrunn, author of inpirational rom suspense
8 pm – R.I. Merrill, author of contemporary rock romance
9 pm – Audra Hart , author of paranormal romance
10 pm – Frey Ortega, M/M romance
Saturday, April 30 (EST)
11:30 am – INTRO & PSA – Audra Hart & Carmen Alicea
Audra Hart – My experiences with ASD in the workforce & independent living
NOON – Carmen Alicea PA – Romanceaholic Blog
1 pm – Michelle Mc Loughney, author of contemporary romance
2 pm – Wendi Starusnak, author of pysch. thiller/horro
3 pm – Sierra Rayne, author of women’s fiction
4 pm – Skye Jones, author of paranormal romantic suspense
5 pm – Posey Parks, author of contemporary romance
6 pm – A.V. Scott, author of contemporary romance
7 pm – Karen Rouillard, author of romantic saga
8 pm – MJ Nightingale, author of Native American romance
9 pm – Audra Hart – author of paranormal romance
10 pm – Cree Storm, M/M romance author

Author Jennifer Roche

What does Healing Ties mean to you Jennifer?

Healing Ties was a labor of love for me.  This book comprises multiple themes that seem to mirror the emotions of the characters and intensify as the book takes form.

The book itself continually morphed into a work of beauty that I was proud to create.  There were moments in its creation when it would take off on a course of its own.

When I re-read the final draft however, I was surprised to see how much of myself was evident in a specific character.  I also noted parallels between my life experiences and those that were found in Healing Ties to a degree.

I gave my all to make this book, each event for this book, or promotion for it, so that the literary world would see how special and unique this story was.

Now I am already finished with chapter one of Book Two Severed Ties, the next book in the series and ready to begin the journey once more!

Healing Ties

A work of contemporary fiction that introduces Andrea and Blythe. Two extremely different personalities brought together by fate as roommates in college. The beauty of these two girls is that they accept one another unconditionally despite their differences. Together they create a unique bond of friendship, that reaches beyond other’s comprehension.

Gems of Strength (Gems of Sisterhood Book 1)

A collection of stories showcasing the strength of women, as each protagonist must overcome something and be strong enough to fight to the end. This book features never-before-published stories like Angel Strong by Alana Madden, Burned Toast by Elizabeth Norton-Newton, Vanquish by Markie Madden, and Childish Things (Chessie’s Story) by Mistral Dawn. Other authors also included.…/…/ref=sr_1_3…j roche strong pic