Author Ava Armstrong

Fallen for Her – Book One

When Ray Adriano, an associate attorney in New York City, has a trust disbursement tossed on his desk, he never anticipates the turn of events that unfolds. He is sent to Maine to meet with Ella Wakefield, the heiress, and Ray is awakened from his dreary ground hog day existence. The weekend in Maine with Ella stirs something inside of him. Although he returns to New York City, Ray cannot get Ella out of his thoughts. The time he spent with her awakened him. The two communicate daily on Facebook. Ray is in New York City and Ella’s in Maine. Plus there are other obstacles. Ella lives with Bob Albertson her country club boyfriend, and Bob is planning to ask Ella to marry him. This is a cliffhanger series…romantic, sensual, sexy and erotic.

Fallen for Her ~ Book 2

Ella breathlessly awaits her next meeting with Ray Adriano, the attorney handling the details of her father’s estate. He comforted her and she enjoyed his company. She has never met a man like him and she wants to get to know him better. Although she’s going through the motions with her live-in boyfriend, Bob, she can’t stop reminiscing about the past weekend with Ray going through the properties. Likewise, Ray Adriano has been unable to stop thinking of Ella. The two spend time communicating on Facebook and meet again. Will things get sorted out in their next meeting? Ray sure hopes so. But there’s one person standing between them, who doesn’t like losing. And, he just might not let Ella go.

Fallen for Her – Book 3

Ella’s feelings for Ray are becoming much stronger than friendship. However, she has a live-in boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Bob thinks he is engaged to Ella and speaks of her as his fiancé. When he reads the Facebook conversation between Ray and Ella on her iPad, a storm is brewing. What will happen when Ella is confronted by Bob? Meanwhile, Ray is counting the minutes until he can be with Ella again. But will they be together? Or, will Bob persuade Ella to stay with him? This is the last book in the series. If you’ve read the first two, this is a must read!

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