Author Elle Boon

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Delta Salvation, Book 1 in her new series. It’s actually a crossover from her Iron Wolves, but is the SEALs you met in Xan’s Book.

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…For Navy SEAL Kai, he takes that vow seriously. Keeping Alexa safe is his number one priority, even if it means his heart is laid bare.
A NAVY SEAL ‘Failure is never an option’ and Kai lives by that SEAL code. He and his team have rescued Alexa not once, but twice, and now he is faced with the biggest challenge of his life. Alexa has come to mean more than she should, but his life is too dangerous for hearts and roses, and she has had too much heartache to settle for anything less.
A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS… Alexa is tired of all of the curveballs life has thrown at her. The final straw comes when she is confronted with a six foot plus man, who could either be her salvation or her downfall. It is up to her to convince her stubborn SEAL that they are worth taking a chance on.
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE… When Alexa’s past is revealed and she and Kai find out she is not who she thought she was, some of the world’s most wanted come out to play. Can the team keep her alive long enough for her to prove to Kai that what they have is worth fighting for?
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Author Ava Armstrong

Fallen for Her – Book One

When Ray Adriano, an associate attorney in New York City, has a trust disbursement tossed on his desk, he never anticipates the turn of events that unfolds. He is sent to Maine to meet with Ella Wakefield, the heiress, and Ray is awakened from his dreary ground hog day existence. The weekend in Maine with Ella stirs something inside of him. Although he returns to New York City, Ray cannot get Ella out of his thoughts. The time he spent with her awakened him. The two communicate daily on Facebook. Ray is in New York City and Ella’s in Maine. Plus there are other obstacles. Ella lives with Bob Albertson her country club boyfriend, and Bob is planning to ask Ella to marry him. This is a cliffhanger series…romantic, sensual, sexy and erotic.

Fallen for Her ~ Book 2

Ella breathlessly awaits her next meeting with Ray Adriano, the attorney handling the details of her father’s estate. He comforted her and she enjoyed his company. She has never met a man like him and she wants to get to know him better. Although she’s going through the motions with her live-in boyfriend, Bob, she can’t stop reminiscing about the past weekend with Ray going through the properties. Likewise, Ray Adriano has been unable to stop thinking of Ella. The two spend time communicating on Facebook and meet again. Will things get sorted out in their next meeting? Ray sure hopes so. But there’s one person standing between them, who doesn’t like losing. And, he just might not let Ella go.

Fallen for Her – Book 3

Ella’s feelings for Ray are becoming much stronger than friendship. However, she has a live-in boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Bob thinks he is engaged to Ella and speaks of her as his fiancé. When he reads the Facebook conversation between Ray and Ella on her iPad, a storm is brewing. What will happen when Ella is confronted by Bob? Meanwhile, Ray is counting the minutes until he can be with Ella again. But will they be together? Or, will Bob persuade Ella to stay with him? This is the last book in the series. If you’ve read the first two, this is a must read!

Author Echo Shea

Manor of Sweet Souls: Gladys Celebrates

Manor of Sweet Souls is the oldest entrance between earth and Faerie in the eastern US. Today’s its birthday and it deserves a celebration! But this entrance was created none too sweetly, and someone has to pay. As guardian of the entrances between worlds, it’s up to Gladys to keep everyone in line. Even if it means making enemies of her own.

But when old wounds are brought to light, making things right won’t be easy. Gladys does her job with a style and finesse that only a troll in a swanky black dress could bring. But as lines blur between wrong and right, it’s hard to tell which side she’s on—and who will have her back when it’s done.

echo manor 2

Author Elle Boon

Xan’s Feisty Mate, Iron Wolves MC 2


Breezy has loved Xan Carmichael for years, but she’s tired of trying to get him to notice her. She’s suffered long enough and is ready to move on.

Xan didn’t want a mate, but when someone tries to harm the only woman who calls to him and his wolf, he’s ready to rip the world apart to keep her safe.

The past has a way of coming back and haunting your present, and Breezy has just become the focus of a deranged killer. Will Xan and the rest of the Iron Wolves be able to save her before whoever is out to end her life succeeds, or will the stubborn alpha claim her in time?


Author Angel Rose

Stone (The Forbidden Love Series Book 1)

She was eleven and I was fourteen.
I didn’t understand what I was feeling.
I’ve never felt this way before.
It was like being struck by lightning…intense, frightening and life threatening.
Yes, I said it. Life threatening.
You see, as soon as she walked into my life. Everything changed.
She was the forbidden fruit.
Innocent and untouched.
The one who held my heart in her hands and she didn’t even know it.
I didn’t know back then when I was fourteen how much I would love her. But, I know now.
She was the one whose innocent lips I wanted to kiss. She was the tempting fruit I wanted to devour.
Her body, the ultimate sin my hands needed to touch.
I knew I wasn’t supposed to feel this way about her.
It was forbidden. It was taboo.
I was away from her for six years. I left as a child and now…I’m a man.
The only man that could ever love her. The only man that could protect her.
But, there is another man who wants her. He makes her do things.
He wants to spoil her…destroy her. I can’t let that happen.
She’s mine. Not his.
He will die before he takes her from me.
It’s a SIN…what I’m about to do, but she’s worth every ounce of blood that I will shed for her.
I’ve killed for her before. I’ll kill for her…again.
The question is…Can I save her from him before it’s too late?

Author Audra Hart

Meet two very unique lovers… Mara and Logan Montgomery of the BEAST REALM CHRONICLES
One man, one woman…
a Celtic Wolf & a Greek Werebear.
Lovers from different worlds.
Bound by FATE…
Separated by hatred, unbelievable cruelty and ancient prejudice.
Reunited by DESTINY…
Embarking on a journey of HOMECOMING, RESCUE & REDEMPTION
99 cents per episode (Book One is FREE on smashwords) or FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.
MARA’S HOMECOMING – Episode I of the Beast Realm Chronicles –
CAMERON’S RESCUE – Episode II of the Beast Realm Chronicles –
LOGAN’S REDEMPTION – Episode III of the Beast Realm Chronicles –

Author Jennifer Roche

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Healing Ties is Book One in my Ties Series which revolves around best friends Andrea and Blythe. This book is a work of contemporary fiction which exhibits multiple themes mirroring the emotions of the characters. Healing Ties gives the background of how the two friends met, showing how friendships can serve as the glue to bond together the fragile pieces of the human soul.