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The Alpha’s Daughter by Audra Hart

Dez – The Alpha’s Daughter… a current WIP of Audra’s is a real sizzler set outside of Audra’s normal paranormal universe…

What’s life like growing up as the daughter of the most powerful man in your community?

What’s life like when the man you want won’t even acknowledge that you are alive?

These and many, many other thought provoking questions are examined in Dez’s story, but theres are also some deliciously carnal aspects to this tale as well.

Snippet from Dez – The Alpha’s Daughter (c) 2016 Audra Hart
Adult Language used – Intended for 18+ audiences only

Tall, tan and lethal. With piercing brown eyes that are now in shadow cast by that old cowboy hat he always wears when working on the ranch. The battered old hat which I know covers a thick mass of silky but damp, shaggy brown hair which I long to feel sliding through my fingers. His tanned skin is glistening in the sunlight, highlighting the deep contours of his finely muscled torso and chest. I tense at my reaction.

Stop it Dez, I chastise myself mentally. Fuck, of course he’s shirtless. Of course he’s fucking sweaty and … perfect in every fucking way.

I almost smile at the filthiness of my language. But this man makes all my thoughts turn dirty. Because the man is a fucking walking wet dream. Because the man used to be my best friend and closest confidant. Because his rejection hurt more than anyone else’s… ever. Remembered pain makes me close my eyes behind my dark shades. But it’s a hopeless effort. His image is permanently burned into my brain, in all of his shirtless, sweaty and god-like physical perfection which is at this moment bearing down on me.

Alpha's Daughter

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