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Are you looking for Alpha males and strong female that are powerful warriors, mothers and defenders of the magical realms Audra Harts the beast realms chronicles is the perfect book for you. Once you read one book you will be hooked because they are very addictive books go get them now!

EXCERPT from LOGAN’S REDEMPTION (c) 2015 Audra Hart

 “Mara, do you remember what I told you that first night you gave yourself to me after you came back into my life? When I told you that you were in control?” At my nod, he continues. “Same goes right now. Anytime you need to be in control… baby, just let me know. I think maybe I use topping you during sex as a tool to feel more secure. And that’s not fair to you.”
Mara laughs happily and shakes her head. “I don’t want to top. I like the way we fuck, play and make love, Logan Montgomery. I like surrendering to you, submitting my will to yours when we are intimate. Logan you dominate, control, torment and tease but you always meet my needs. You always make me feel loved. Even when you make my body feel used and abused.” A wry chuckle escapes my lips. “I like surrendering my body to your masterful hand and will.”
Logan kisses me passionately before he pulls back to look into my eyes. “Vixen, do you have any idea what a precious gift your surrender truly is?”
I nod. “I think it might just be as precious as the attention and care you always give me when you take control. You always meet all of my needs, stretch my boundaries, keep me safe and make me feel loved. You make surrender easy, Logan.”
Logan chuckles and shakes his head. “Less talking, more fucking.” I giggle and lie back on the massage table with my hands stretched above my head. “I’m all yours, Master Logan.”
I have never used the title of Master for Logan and it seems to cement us both firmly in our chosen roles when I do. I had long resisted protocol and pet names and was always grateful that Logan never insisted I call him Sir or Master, but now after we have struggled so hard lately yet made our way back to each other it feels appropriate. Recognizing Logan Montgomery as master of my heart, body, and soul just feels right in this moment.I can tell by my lover’s expression that he too feels the rightness of this moment. He smirks and rips my sports bra to shreds. ‘Gotta love Immortal strength of a Celtic Shifter.’

 MARA’S HOMECOMING – Episode I of the Beast Realm Chronicles –

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LOGAN’S REDEMPTION – Episode III of the Beast Realm Chronicles -

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