Author Rose Gordon

I have the great pleasure of sharing a wonderful series by an Amazing author I have read all her books and this is one of my favorite series.

Scandalous Sisters Series

 Three American sisters have arrived in England for a brief visit, but they’re about to all find something they never bargained for: love.

Intentions of the Earl—Faced with never-ending poverty, a gentleman is offered a handsome sum if he’ll ruin a certain young lady’s future—only she has other plans, and it might entail her ruining his.

 Liberty for Paul—There’s only one thing Liberty Banks hates worse than impropriety: one Mr. Paul Grimes, and unfortunately for her, it’s her own impropriety that just got her married to him!

 To Win His Wayward Wife—Not to be outdone by her sisters’ scandalous marriages, Madison Banks is about to have her own marriage-producing scandal to a man who, unbeknownst to her, has loved her all along.

Intentions of the Earl

Liberty for Paul

To Win His Wayward Wife


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