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Kissing and nibbling down from her neck, over her shoulder, toward the top of her chest, I coax her to roll onto her back. Resting my head just below her shoulder, I push her chest up so I can suck on her nipple. Molly exhales a relaxing sigh.
My hand and fingers continue their exploration of the rest of Molly’s freshly exposed body. They find a collarbone, a shoulder, and an arm to caress. Then they slide down to cup and squeeze her other boob before giving her nipple a good morning pinch.
Enjoying the rest of her body, I reach down past her stomach, across her hipbone and down her closest leg. Her body is endless satisfaction. Curving around her thigh, my hand comes in contact with the supple skin of her inner thigh. I could wander here all morning. My mind goes crazy from the sensations of all five of my fingers stroking such a place all at the same time.
Drawing up between her thighs, my fingers part her outer lips and play in the inner folds. Warm and inviting, her pussy coats my fingers with her morning wetness.
With her eyes still closed, Molly moans and stretches while rocking her hips up against my outstretched arm and fingers. Sliding inside her, my fingers swirl around inside her, bathing in her warmth.
I lick Molly’s morning dew from my fingers, completing my breakfast in bed.
“Thanks for a great breakfast,” I praise as I start to climb out of bed.
“No, don’t go,” Molly requests, pulling me back to her side.
Her warm, soft skin tempts me to stay.
But, alas, I must get up. My Saturday job is calling me, too. I take a mental image of her and give her one last kiss before I go.

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