Author Mopain Taylor


This ring that I give you symbolizes the thruth that we share. I dare to feed you lies; I realize the walk we made. You saved me from my own destruction how could I ever deny you. Before jumping the broom I promise you the world. If I own the sky you could have the moon and the stars. A day away from home I wonder where you are. A love so deep we had to share it with God. Through a garden of weeds I found my rose. When the sun doesn’t shine, the moon lights you up just right. If loving you was a guilty pleasure no matter the weather I would walk to you through sleet or snow. Let it rain the angels will be your umbrella. My friend’s talk they threw dirt on my name, but you took away the hurt and wipe my name clean. You showed me God,I showed you love then there was a marriage. From that point on you is what I cherish.

Author Mopain Taylor
I’m a writer that try to elevate people hearts to have conversation with their mind

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